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    Divisions of Biology: Cell Biology

    Cells are often described as the ‘basic unit of life‘. Cell biology is a sub-discipline of biological studies that deals with the study of cells in all aspects. From cell anatomy, cell death, cell respiration to the processes of cell divisions like mitosis and meiosis, cell biology covers all topics.

    This subject is closely related to other important branches of science like genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Also known as cytology, cell biology is closely associated with immunology and developmental biology.

    Originally derived from the Greek word ‘kytos’ meaning contain, this area of biology strictly deals with the physiological properties of the cell, the organelles that present in these, cell structure, the pattern of interaction between cells and cell pathways.

    The study of cells focuses on both single-celled organisms like bacteria and protozoa to complex, multi-cellular organisms like plants, animals and human bodies. Tracking down the nature of these cells, their functions and similarities and dissimilarities of cells in living organisms are all a part of the course.

    What makes cell biology a popular academic choice?

    Think about it – what if you were never able to get an ailment traced? Today, you are aware of diseases and their symptoms. There are millions of health professionals at service trying you treat patients from the adversities and lethal impacts of malicious diseases like the Big C, Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, meningitis or even malaria. These problems spring in at molecular levels. Therefore, by understanding how cells work and function, cell biologists are able to make new discoveries in the field of medicine.

    After analyzing all forms of living organisms like plants, animals and human beings, cell scientists carefully discover a series of advanced drugs, vaccines and sedative to ensure proper cure to a serious ailment.

    Why just diseases, cell biology has contributed towards the human fertility program. Even forensic teams put cell biology into practice to execute successful solutions like DNA fingerprinting to solve a murder or other complex criminal activities.

    Cell biologists analyze plants and define their genetic behavior. These work wonders in encouraging the production of better and modified crops.

    Is there a career in Cell Biology?

    Various career paths open up once you have successfully accomplished a course on cell biology. Some of them are:

    • Cell Culture Specialist
    • Food and Drug Inspector
    • Clinical Researcher
    • Pharmacologist
    • Quality Control Specialist
    • Doctor (check out all types of doctors)
    • Industrial Hygienist


    Here are the web resources on cell biology:

    Cell and Molecular Biology Online
    An Informational Resource for Cell and Molecular Biologists. Features resources for biology research and education, including protocols, lab home pages, journals, grants, professional societies, conferences, career information, online courses and biological images. Link

    Cell Biology Division of the WWW VL Biosciences
    A comprehensive listing of cell biology links divided into the major divisions. Link

    Cell Biology Information
    This site contains addresses and hints for the active cell biologist and shall help you to get more information for your scientific work. Link

    Cell Intelligence
    Two professors of cell biology argue that cells are intelligent. Read their hypothesis, methods, and bibliography. Link

    FRIZ Biochem: new DNA chips using electrical read out technologies
    FRIZ is dedicated to expanding the potential applications of microarrays for genomic screening using new DNA chip technologies. We develop new DNA arrays and produce reliable user-friendly biochips. Link

    Jeremias’ Alley
    Collection of free Cell Biology resources, organized by subject. Covers a new topic every week! Links to good sites, with descriptions and ranking. The page to visit if you are interested in Cell Biology but don’t have a penny! The already published coverages include Mitochondria, ATP Synthase, Proteasomal and Ubiquitin-related Protein Degradation and Crytochromes. Link

    Microarray Station
    Learn about microarrays, tissue microarrays, dna protein peptide and antibody microarrays. Protocols and vendors for gene chips. Also contains links to software and bioinformatics for microarray data analysis and statistics. Link

    Molecular and Cellular Biology Resource Site
    A graduate student resource site listing links for molecular, cellular, developmental and cytoskeletal biology. Link

    The Cell web site
    Very nice graphical tutorial for cell biology and microbiology. Link

    The Kinesin Homepage
    A resouce site for information regarding the kinesin motor proteins. Link

    Worthington Tissue Dissociation Guide
    cell isolation introduction, theory, techniques, and use-tested systems PLUS annotated references searchable by multiple criteria. Link


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