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    Source: CBS News

    # Printed Books

    We have been quoted and referenced in many science journals (including NIH, News-Medical & more) and books over the years. Here are some of the printed books.

    A Shot in the Arm: How Science, Engineering, and Supply
    By Yossi Sheffi · 2021 ('History of Immunology' page)
    Cell Theory: The Structure and Function of Cells
    By Carol Hand - 2018 (Page-121: 'History of Cell Biology')
    Molecular Diagnostic PCR Handbook
    By Gerrit J. Viljoen, ‎Louis H. Nel, ‎John R. Crowther (Page-259)
    Nuclear Waste Management: Science, Technology, and Policy
    By Man-Sung Yim (Page - 201 - 'Mitosis and Meiosis Differences')
    Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior
    (Page-88: History of Biology page being referenced)
    Small Bite, Big Threat
    By Jagriti Narang, ‎Manika Khanuja (Book quotes 'Do Insects have heart?' page).
    Clinical Immunology & Serology: A Laboratory Perspective
    By Linda E Miller, ‎Christine Dorresteyn Stevens 2021 ('History of Biology').
    The Signature of God
    By Jaan Ranne - 2021 (Book references 'Types of Plants' page)
    High-Risk Pollutants in Wastewater
    By Hongqiang Ren, ‎Xuxiang Zhang · 2019 (Page: 72 - '15 Diseases caused by Protozoa')
    Biología y geología
    By André Giordán, ‎Emilio Pedrinaci, ‎Pedro Alfaro · 2011 (Page-207: 'History of Biology')
    Islam dan Biologi
    By Dirhamzah, ‎Syarif Hidayat Amrullah, ‎Zulkarnain · 2021 (Page: 199 - 'Top 25 Biology Discoveries')

    Our Story

    Welcome to BioExplorer. I’m Jack from Toronto, Canada. Being a Biology enthusiast, I created this website BioExplorer.net to share my passion towards the subject as I was fascinated by this wonderful thing called “life”! Animals, plants, flowers, birds, book reviews, biology news, gardening, and everything around life on earth amuses me.


    Ever since the onset of the pandemic, the world is more curious than ever to know how the field of science is evolving every day and we at Bioexplorer.net have made it our priority to provide evidence-based information that our readers can rely on.

    As the world is evolving at a faster pace the importance of Biology and its scope in all walks of life is being felt more than ever now.

    All articles that are published on the website are written by one of the many professionally qualified biology experts we have on our team. Each and every topic is well researched and peer-reviewed before we can publish it on the blog to ensure accuracy and maintain the standard that we have created thus far which is the reason that Bioexplorer.net has been quoted and referenced across the media, be it print or online.

    Hope you like the content of this website and please do share your feedback with us so that we can make it better.

    Jack & BioExplorer Writers

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