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    Science has made it possible for us to live healthier, longer than before. Planet Earth is more than four billion years old and humans have been in existence for a relatively short time. In a span of less than 100,000 years our species has evolved to ask and answer big scientific questions and the biggest one being, “What is life?“.

    Biology is the study of “life” in all of its forms and all of which are encompassed in the different branches of Biology like anatamoy, cell biology, ecology, immunology, evolution, genetics, microbiology, etc to name a few.

    As the world is evolving in a faster pace the importance of Biology and its scope in all walks of life is being felt more than ever now.

    Being a Biology enthusiast, I created this website BioExplorer.net to share my passion towards the subject as I was fascinated by this wonderful thing called “life”! Animals, plants, rock, space, genetics, everything amuses me.


    I read extensively about these topics and more and use this website as a medium to blog about some of the interesting subjects I read on a regular basis. I want to make this portal an invaluable resource to other biology enthusiasts like me, students and others.

    Also over the years, I have collected various web resources from all around the world on various biological topics such as biological societies, biologists, bioethics, biological databases, biological journals, history of biology, methods & protocols, biological search engines, biological libraries, biological software and universities. You can browse them from the home page.

    Hope you like the content of this website and please do share your feedback with me so that I can make it better.

    Jack & BioExplorer Team

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