Botany Discoveries in 2019

Top 10 BEST Botany Discoveries in 2019

Biology of plants can probably be one of the most promising fields of the future. Here are the top 10 best botany discoveries in 2019.
Carnivorous Plants

25 Most Famous & Dangerous Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants derive most of their nutrients by consuming animals. Know more about them as this article features the 25 most famous carnivorous plants.
Best Hawaiian Flowers

Top 15 Best Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaii archipelago is famous for its lush greenery, blue waters, and unique animals. Explore genuinely unique Hawaiian flowers that are exclusive to Hawaii only.
latest inventions in botany for 2018

15 Latest Inventions in Botany For 2018

Botany is even more fascinating now than it used to be in previous centuries. Here are the 15 interesting and latest inventions in botany for 2018.

Explore The World of Thigmotropism

Thigmotropism refers to the movement of a plant in response to the stimulus of touch or contact. It is also called Haptotropism. Explore the world of Thigmotropism in this page, why and how it occurs in plants, types of thigmotropism and good examples.
Amazon Rainforest Plants

Top 18 Amazon Rainforest Plants

The Amazon Rainforest is considered to be the home of the most diverse species in the world. Learn the top 20 Amazon rainforest plants & their details here.
Parenchyma Cells

What Are Parenchyma Cells?

Parenchyma cells serve as the foundation of the ground tissue system in plants. Let's explore these cells’ structure, distribution, and functions here.
Exotic Flowers

25 Most Known Exotic Flowers

Exotic plants, when introduced to a foreign place, have the tendency to overgrow and dominate. Listed are the 25 most known exotic flowering plant species.
Types of Plants

Types of Plants: The Four Major Classifications of Plants

Types of Plants: Botanists classify plants into several groups that have similar & distinguishing characteristics. Here are the 4 major phyla of the plants.
Plant Life Cycle

Plant Life Cycle: Alternation Of Generations & Life Cycle of All Plant Types

Plants use Haplodiplontic life cycle to alternate generations. Explore plant life cycle of Bryophytes (Moss), Pteridophytes (Fern), & Angiosperms (Flower).

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