History of Cell Biology

History of Cell BiologyCell biology is a branch of biology that studies cell structure and function, from the most general properties up to the most unique functions found only in specialized cells. It centers on the idea that the cell is the fundamental unit of life. This field promotes studying the cell to have a deeper understanding of the tissues, organs, and organisms that cells compose. In this way, the complexities in all living systems, big or small, are discovered.  On this page, we will examine the history of cell biology and all pioneers who have contributed to the study of cells.

The many sub-fields of cell biology focus on various topics, which include how cell energy first emerged in primordial cells, how cells control and release genetic information from the nucleus to the cell cytoplasm (Central Dogma of Molecular Biology), how cells communicate, send signals to, and receive signals from each other, and how cell cycle occurs. Recently, a novel sub-field has emerged—systems biology. In this field, living systems are analyzed within the context of other systems (Bisceglia 2016). The cell biology history is in chronological order.

History of Cell Biology

Cell Biology History - A Timeline
Top Cell Biology News In 2017

Top 12 Cell Biology News in 2017

Cell biology is the branch of biology that studies the cell structure, its organization of the organelles, their metabolic processes, and physiological properties. In this article, we will focus on top 12 cell biology news, innovations, breakthroughs and research studies in 2017.

Top 15 Discoveries in Cell Biology for 2018

Modern cell biology intersects with multiple disciplines: computer science, biochemistry, medicine, and genetics. Here are the top 15 cell biology discoveries in 2018.
Cell Biology Discoveries in 2019

Top 10 Cell Biology Discoveries in 2019

In 2019 researchers managed to decipher multiple complex mechanisms of the body cells & functions. Here are the top 10 cell biology discoveries in 2019.
Cell Biology News 2020

Top Cell Biology News of 2020 – A Round Up

The year 2020 was the time of an unprecedented health crisis. Understanding the inner body workings has become even more crucial than ever. Here are top 10 cell biology of 2020.

Top 15 Cell Biology News of 2021

This news series in the field of cell biology 2021 gives us a detailed overview of the recent advancements. Let's explore the top 15 cell biology news of 2021.


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