15 Best Microbiology Textbooks

best microbiology textbooks

Microbiology Textbooks: Microbiology looks at the study of microscopic organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, archaea, and fungi.

The discipline involves fundamental research on the physiology, biochemistry, ecology, evolution, cell biology, and clinical aspects of various microorganisms which include the host responses to these agents.

By studying microbiology, it has been possible to treat and prevent diseases in both animals and plants that are caused by these microorganisms.

Best Microbiology Textbooks

Here are some of the best textbooks of microbiology for the basics and advanced knowledge of diagnostic and systemic microbiology:

1. Prescott’s Microbiology (9th Edition)

Prescott's MicrobiologyAuthors: Christopher J.Woolverton, Joanne Willey, and Linda Sherwood.

The first microbiology textbook provides a comprehensive, balanced introduction to all crucial areas of microbiology.

  • This right balance makes the subject appropriate for majors in microbiology as well as other mixed majors.
  • The authors of this book have introduced several pedagogical elements which are designed to facilitate student’s learning.
  • They have also remained focused on artwork, readability, with the integration of various vital themes which include evolution, diversity, and ecology throughout the text.

Key Features

This microbiology textbook has made the already superior information even much better. Some significant features of this book include:

  • Molecular immunology and Microbiology.
  • Has separate chapters on Archaea and Bacteria.
  • Contains questions and quizzes to ensure the learning outcomes and readiness check.
  • Most importantly, this textbook contains excellent annotated figures for easy understanding.
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2. Bailey & Scott’s Diagnostic Microbiology (13th Edition)

Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology (Diagnostic Microbiology (Bailey & Scott's))Author: Patricia Tille.

The next microbiology textbook in our list is an excellent text for clinical laboratory science program students and a perfect reference book for practicing microbiologists as well.

  • The book will help you to refine and develop the skills needed for efficient laboratory testing.
  • In-depth, useful and easily accessible information is available, with step-by-step guides for all procedures.
  • This particular edition features over 20 new and updated chapters, with material on the latest advances and trends in clinical microbiology.
  • Dr.Patricia Tille has written this classic reference to address the issues that are most relevant to microbiology students and microbiologists.

Key Features

Here are some essential features of this microbiology textbook include:

  • This microbiology book has easy-to-read and useful tables that summarize key information.
  • The book has detailed illustrations in full-color to help in comprehension and visualization concepts.
  • This handy book has a glossary of the microbiology terms behind the book for quick referencing.
  • The book also features hands-on procedures and includes a step-by-step instruction that will help you achieve accurate results.
  • Case studies in the book give you an opportunity in applying your learned skills to a variety of diagnostic scenarios, which will empower your critical-thinking and decision-making skills.
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3. Microbiology: An Introduction (12th Edition)

Microbiology: An IntroductionAuthors: Berdell R.Funke, Gerard J.Tortora, and Christine L.Case.

This microbiology introduction book provides a clear and engaging approach to learning the complex microbiology theorems and topics. This book is well-praised by microbiologists for the excellent clear presentation of complexity theories.

  • It gives a careful balance of applications, concepts, and proven art that teaches comprehensively.
  • This textbook is the most dynamic, robust media in Mastering of Microbiology.
  • The introductory part focuses on the big picture themes and concepts in microbiology, which encourages students more to synthesize and visualize tough topics like immunology, microbial metabolism, and microbial genetics.
  • The information and accompanying resources help students in making connections between the theory of microbiology and disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

Key Features

Main features of this microbiology textbook include:

  • Indirect quantitative ELISA.
  • Has 500+ high-quality, full-color photographs and illustrations.
  • Has exercises written to offer exposure to lab experiences in microbiology.
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4. Jawetz Melnick & Adelbergs Medical Microbiology (26th Edition)

Jawetz Melnick&Adelbergs Medical Microbiology 26/E (Lange Medical Books)Authors: Karen C.Carroll, Geo.Brooks, Stephen Morse, and Janet Butel.

This Medical Microbiology textbook delivers an up-to-date, concise overview of the roles played by microorganisms in human illness and health.

  • It links basic principles with diagnosis and treatment of infections. The text has been updated all through to reflect great expansions of medical knowledge which have occurred.
  • Together with brief descriptions of every organism, you will get vital perspectives on clinical findings, pathogenesis, treatment, diagnostic laboratory tests, and epidemiology.
  • This microbiology book also has a full chapter of case studies which focuses on differential management and diagnosis of microbial infections.

Key Features

The salient features of this book include:

  • Information on Soil Slide Culture.
  • Emphasizes on medical immunological and microbiological concepts in the understanding of microbial infections.
  • Has several chapters discussing infectious diseases from the perspective of an organ system.
  • Significant clinical findings depicted in colored images.
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5. Sherris Medical Microbiology (6th Edition)

Sherris Medical Microbiology, Sixth EditionAuthors: C.George Ray, Kenneth Ryan, W.Lawrence Drew, Nafees Ahmad, Paul Pottinger, Michael Lagunoff, Charles R.Sterling, L.Barth Reller.

The next microbiology book is one of the most comprehensive, dynamic and student-friendly books on the nature of microorganisms and the processes employed when producing infections of diseases.

  • It explains the link between human disease and microbiology more than any other microbiology textbook.
  • Through an engaging and vibrant approach, this textbook provides you with a solid grasp of the importance of pathogenic processes, etiologic agents, the epidemiology, and the therapy basis for infectious diseases.

Key Features

Some Learning aids and features in this excellent microbiology textbook include:

  • Explanations of dynamics of infection, host-parasite relationship, and host response.
  • Tables, illustrations, and photographs in full color.
  • Clinical Capsules details the essence of the major pathogens that cause diseases.
  • The margin notes highlight key issues within a paragraph for facilitation of efficient review.
  • In addition to the case questions in each chapter ending, it also contains a collection of 100 practice questions.
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6. Medical Microbiology (7th Edition)

Medical MicrobiologyAuthors: Ken S.Rosenthal, Patrick R.Murray, and Michael A.Pfaller.

This microbiology book will quickly help you to learn the basics of microbiology needed.

  • It has been newly organized to correspond with changing study habits and integrated curricula.
  • This textbook is written in easy to understand terms and presents clinically relevant text about microbes and their diseases engagingly and succinctly.

Key Features

Here are some of the critical features of Medical Microbiology 7th edition are:

  • Consists of a practice exam in USMLE-style which has 80 questions.
  • Has over 50 clinical cases that illustrate the significance of science in diagnosis.
  • Has microscopic images depicting protozoa, fungi, worms, as well as viruses’ electron micrographs.
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7. Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology (13th Edition)

Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Lange Medical Books)Author: Warren Levinson.

The next medical microbiology textbook is the most up-to-date, concise and written review of medical immunology and microbiology.

  • It is a high-yield, succinct review of essential aspects of medical microbiology and immunology.
  • Covers the clinical and fundamental aspects of virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, and immunology.
  • Also discusses significant infectious diseases by use of an approach of the organ system.
  • Emphasizes the real clinical application of immunology and microbiology to infectious diseases and offers an outstanding mix of narrative text, images colors, figures and tables, clinical cases, as well as Q&A.

Key Features

The following are valuable to study objectives:

  • Precise summaries of critical medical microorganisms.
  • Assessment questions with answers are available at the end of all chapters.
  • A complete practice exam of USMLE-style which consists of 80 questions.
  • Color images present depict important clinical findings.
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8. Microbiology: Laboratory Theory and Application (3rd Edition)

Microbiology: Laboratory Theory & Application, Brief 3eAuthors: Burton E.Pierce and Michael J.Leboffe.

The next microbiology book consists of a full-color laboratory manual, which is designed for both non-major and major lab course students taking microbiology at an introductory level.

  • Regardless of whether your study caters to microbiology majors, pre-health professional students, or pre-med students, everything that is needed for a thorough introduction of microbiology is available in this book.
  • This new edition features an entirely new art program and several enhanced photographs through the book.

Key Features

The significant features of this microbiology book include:

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction.
  • Nitrogen Fixation.
  • Clinical Biofilms.
  • E.coli Strains Phage Typing.
  • Microscopic Examination in Pond Water.
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9. Microbiology: An Application-Based Approach

Microbiology (An Application Based Approach)Authors: Noel R.Krieg, Michael J.Pelczar, and ECS Chan.

This application-based microbiology book portrays an exposition which is up-to-date in the biology of microorganisms, their biochemical diversity, and their environmental role, as well as our economy and health.

  • It is well supported with exhaustive pedagogy and offers straightforward explanations of many phenomena which highlight unique features with detailed explanations of all technical terms.

Key Features

The main features include:

  • Explains all diseases using an approach which is Transmission-based.
  • Covers all significant topics such as Microbial Nutrition and Metabolism, Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, Microbial Genetics, Viruses and much more.
  • Has a dedicated chapter on ‘”Essentials of Biochemistry for Microbiology“.
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10. BRS Microbiology and Immunology (6th Edition)

BRS Microbiology and Immunology (Board Review Series)Authors: Benjamin Clarke, Louise Hawley, and Richard J.Ziegler.

Our next book on microbiology and immunology is a very popular volume for medical students in the Board Review Series.

  • This book is written in a readable, concise outline format.
  • This handy book is intended for covering topics which are most commonly tested on the USMLE.
  • The book includes a 300 – 500 review questions in the style of USMLE format and after that, it offers a comprehensive examination.

Key Features

The main features of this microbiology textbook include:

  • Has over 300 USMLE questions, rationales, and answers.
  • Features both organ-systems and “bug” approaches.
  • Highlights the key topics and concepts.
  • Focuses on critical immunological and microbiological concepts needed for the understanding of human infections as well as the immune system functionality and malfunction issues.
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11. Microbiology: A Systems Approach (4th Edition)

Microbiology: A Systems ApproachAuthor: Marjorie Kelly Cowan.

This microbiology textbook is handy for allied/non-science health majors with an approach to body systems and diseases.

  • This textbook is well known for its instructional art program, engaging writing style, and focuses on active learning.
  • The book has detailed disease chapters, which provide students with information in such a way that they would encounter it in a typical clinical setting, instead of separating information of diseases by taxonomy.
  • The book also consists of a successful digital program which includes LearnSmart, Connect, and SmartBook.
  • This microbiology textbook provides students’ access to the most successful, productive and adaptive learning resources available today.

Key Features

Features of this microbiology book consist of:

  • The Major Themes of Microbiology.
  • Tools of the Laboratory: Methods for the Culturing of Microscopic Analysis of microorganisms.
  • Bacteria and Archaea.
  • Eukaryotic Cells and Microorganisms.
  • Microbial Metabolism: The Chemical Crossroads of Life.
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12. Nester’s Microbiology: A Human Perspective (8th Edition)

Nester's Microbiology: A Human PerspectiveAuthors: Sarah Salm, Denise Anderson, Eugene Nester, and Deborah Allen.

The Nester’s Microbiology book is Perfect for the allied/non-major health students. It is also appropriate for those pursuing courses of mixed majors.

  • The textbook offers a rock-solid basic foundation in microbiology, and it clearly and carefully explains the fundamental concepts through an offering of appealing and vivid instructional art.
  • The book always draws back students to it again and again due to the nature of the text and excellent explanations.
  • The text has a readable and concise style, covers current concepts, and provides students the mastery and knowledge necessary to comprehend future advances.
  • The coverage of diseases uses a body systems approach.

Key Features

The main features of this Nester’s Microbiology book are:

  • Humans and the Microbial World.
  • Microscopy and Cell Structure.
  • Identifying and Classifying Microorganisms.
  • The Eukaryotic Members of the Microbial World.
  • Viruses, Viroids, and Prions.
  • Applications of Immune Responses.
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13. Brock Biology of Microorganisms (14th Edition)

Brock Biology of Microorganisms (14th Edition)Authors: John M.Martinko, Michael T.Madigan, Daniel H.Buckley, David A.Stahl, Kelly S.Bender, and Thomas Brock.

This biology of microorganisms’ book is an authoritative introduction text and majors in microbiology and microorganisms.

  • It proceeds in setting up the standard for impeccable scholarship and accuracy, as well as outstanding photos and illustrations.
  • This textbook is meant for microbiology, biology, and several other science majors.
  • It balances cutting-edge research with concepts that are essential for understanding the microbiology field, including strong coverage of evolution, ecology, and metabolism.

Key Features

This microbiology textbook has been designed to assist students and have the following features:

  • Personalizes the Mastering Microbiology, which will coach students through the toughest topics in microbiology.
  • The engaging tools in this book assist students in practicing, visualizing and comprehend important content.
  • Focuses on learners by the inclusion of research-based activities, engaging activities, case studies to improve the ability of students to solve problems and connect between concepts.
  • Teaches tough topics in microbiology with superior art and illustrations. The micrographs enable students to digest difficult microbiology processes and concepts.
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14. Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (6th Edition)

Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Ed. 6)Authors: Bill Trattler, Mark Gladwin, and C.Scott Maha.

The next microbiology book is a clear, brief, highly enjoyable and thorough approach to clinical microbiology.

  • It consists of humorous, well-summarized illustrations and charts from AIDS to Ebola to “Flesh-Eating Bacteria” to smallpox, mad cow disease, anthrax and much more.
  • This book focuses on the overview of drugs and bugs that medical students come across in pre-clinical Microbiology.

Key Features

The main features of this amazing book include:

  • Cell Structures, Toxins, and Virulence Factors.
  • Taxonomy of Bacteria.
  • Gram-Positive Bacteria such as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus, and Clostridium.
  • Gram-Negative Bacteria such as Neisseria, Bordetella, Haemophilus, and Legionella.
  • Viral Replication and Taxonomy and Fungi in general.
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15. Greenwood Medical Microbiology (18th Edition)

Medical Microbiology: With STUDENTCONSULT online access (Greenwood,Medical Microbiology)Authors: Richard C.B.Slack, David Greenwood, Will L Irving, and Michael R.Barer.

Our last book on Microbiology is well-geared toward clinical practice and is an ideal book for medical students, biomedical students, and specialist trainees.

  • This book proves to be valuable to medical laboratory scientists and other professionals who require a current, clear guide to the medical field.
  • Additionally, the book contains an integrating section that addresses essential guidelines of diagnosis, management, and treatment.

Key Features

Key features of this textbook of Microbiology include:

  • Classification, typing, and identi?cation of micro-organisms.
  • Physiology of Bacteria, growth, and death.
  • Microbiology and Medicine.
  • The Nature Morphology of micro-organisms.
  • Cell and Virus interactions.
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Do you have any other best microbiology textbooks that you have read but not listed above? Comment them below.

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