Geoffroy's Tamarin

AnimaliaPrimatesCallitrichidaeSaguinusSaguinus geoffroyi
Geoffroy's Tamarin
IUCN Status: Nearly-Threatened
  • Common Name: Geoffroy’s Tamarin
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 1845
  • Monkey Size: 22.5 to 24 cm (8.9 to 9.4 in)
  • Skin Color(s): Black-brown-yellow
  • Habitat: Forest, rainforest
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Native Countries: Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia

Geoffroy’s Tamarin Distribution

Geoffroy’s Tamarin Characteristics

Geoffroy's Tamarin

Geoffroy’s tamarin[1], also called the Panamanian tamarin, red-crested tamarin, or rufous-naped marmoset tamarin, is a tamarin, a small monkey found in Colombia and Panama.

Geoffroy's Tamarin

  • A fluffy, white, triangular mohawk adorns the top of this little monkey’s head. The short hair on each side is black, further accentuating Geoffroy’s Tamarin hipster hairstyle.
  • Reddish fur covers the nape (or back). Long, thin strands of white hair protrude from just below the temples of a plump, hairless black face.
  • Brown eyes assess the world, and little mussel ears listen to the sounds of the forest.
  • A fur coat mottled in black, brown, and yellow envelops the body. The fur on the chest and underside of the monkey is white.
  • The tail matches the color of the nape and is accented with a hint of black fur.

Geoffroy's Tamarin

Geoffroy’s Tamarin Facts

Geoffroy's Tamarin

  • In what may seem like a role reversal in many monkey species, Geoffroy’s tamarins are led by the oldest female in a group.
  • Since females are endowed with much larger suprapubic glands (above the pubic bone), they are more frequently involved in scent marking.
  • Fighting between males from different groups can result in lacerations, claws torn from toes and fingers, and trauma (e. g., broken tails) sustained when falling to the forest floor from a height of 20 m (66 ft).
  • They are most active during the day, making them “diurnal” primates.
  • Although they avoid vertical descents, Geoffroy’s tamarins cling vertically to a tree’s bark with their claws when feeding on exudates.

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