Complete History of Evolution

    History of EvolutionEvolution, in the broadest sense, is a process that results in heritable changes in a population spread over many generations[1]. The Latin word “evolutio” initially meant “unrolling the scroll“. In its metaphorical sense, it suggests that studying evolution is like unraveling a recitation of a story. The story is already written, and all that is required is to read that message[2].  In this page, we will explore the complete history of evolution and interesting events in different centuries that occurred in the study of evolution.

    Charles robert darwin
    charles robert darwin

    Charles Darwin is considered by many as the “Father of Evolutionary Thought“. However, this credit shouldn’t be on Darwin alone since he was guided by the works of different scientists before him. Darwin himself did not know about heredity hence his theory of natural selection is only limited to his observations during that time[1].

    History of Evolution

    Evolution History - A Timeline
    Evolution News 2017

    Top 10 Evolution News In 2017

    Evolution is a variation in the heritable features of biological groups over succeeding generations (Darwinism). Evolutionary processes contribute advancement in biodiversity at every level of biological organization, including the levels of species, individual organisms, and molecules. In this article, we will go over top 10 evolution news in 2017.
    Evolution News in 2018

    Top 15 Evolutionary Biology News in 2018

    The year 2018 has brought us many new insights made possible by novel biological methods. Here are the top 15 evolution news in 2018 (evolutionary biology, anthropology, and bioarchaeology).
    2019 Discoveries in Evolution

    Top 2019 Discoveries in Evolution

    The 2019 discoveries in evolution show that the new approaches to traditional research areas such as paleobiology and the use of modern technology can offer unique, previously unimaginable insights.
    Evolutionary Biology News of 2020

    Top 10 Evolutionary Biology News of 2020

    Despite the isolation enforced by the pandemic, research in evolutionary biology thrived in 2020. Here are the top 10 evolutionary biology news of 2020.

    Top 15 Evolutionary Biology News of 2021

    This 2021 series of top 15 evolutionary biology news gives us a detailed overview of the recent development in this field. Commencing the evolution of coccolithophores, the adaptability of crocodiles, the creation of new therapeutic targets for treating age-related disorders in people, the epigenetic evolution of the cerebellum, and more.

    Top 15 Evolutionary Biology News of 2022

    This series of evolutionary biology news of 2022 gives us a detailed overview of the recent development in this field. Commencing with the evolution of plant colonization on land, the new approach of Neo Darwinism gained importance and more.


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