History of Genetics

History of Genetics

History of Genetics
Gregor Mendel: Father of Genetics

Genetics is the science of heredity and variation. On one hand, heredity is the biological process of transferring genetic information and physical traits from parents to their offspring. The term heredity, which comes from the Latin word hereditatem which means “condition of being an heir“, was first used in the 1530’s. The gene is known to be the basic unit of heredity.  In this page, we will explore the history of genetics and important events around the subject of genetics from the dawn of time to the contemporary researches.

In deeper terms, it is a segment of the DNA which encodes for a specific protein. Genes are passed on from parent to child and are believed by many to be an important part of what decides looks and behavior. On the other hand, genetic variation is the difference in alleles and genes, both within and among populations. The primary sources of genetic variation are: gene flow, mutation, and genetic shuffling[1].

History of Genetics

Genetics History - A Timeline
Genetic Engineering Pros and Cons

13 Important Genetic Engineering Pros And Cons

Though the field of Genetics & Biotechnology has helped us in the better understanding of genes, here are 13 comprehensive Genetic Engineering Pros & Cons.
Genetically Modified Foods Disadvantages

6 Major Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods

In the continuing battle for hunger, food production has really gotten more technologically improved through the years. Hence the production of food that are said to be “genetically modified”, like the ones previously mentioned. Here are 6 major disadvantages of genetically modified foods.


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History of Genetics
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