History of Microbiology

    History of MicrobiologyMicrobiology is the study of the structure, bodily functions and physiological processes of microorganisms. It deals with the structural diversity and classification of microorganisms and covers the whole range of microbial life. The study of microbiology expands its scope to both prokaryotic (no true nucleus and no membrane-bound organelles) and eukaryotic (have a true nucleus and membrane-bound organelles) organisms[1].  The history of microbiology starts from the 16th century, even before the invention of the microscope.

    The word microbiology comes from the Greek words micro, which means “small or minute”, and logos, which means “study of”. Hence, broadly, microbiology is the scientific study of microorganisms. Microbiology has numerous sub-fields, and these include phycology (algae), virology (virus),  mycology (fungi), bacteriology (bacteria), protozoology (protozoans), and medical microbiology (pathogenic microorganisms)[2].

    History of Microbiology

    Microbiology History - A Timeline
    Microbiology News In 2017

    Top 11 Microbiology News In 2017

    Microbiology is the branch of biology that studies microorganisms (e.g.,bacteria) which includes unicellular (single cell), multi-cellular (cell colony), and acellular (lacking cells). In this article, we'll glance over all top microbiology news in 2017, which includes current news, events, and advances in microbiology.
    microbiology news in 2018

    Top 15 Latest Microbiology & Virology Discoveries in 2018

    Bacteria & viruses influence all areas of our life, from causing diseases to contributing to climate change. Here are the top 15 microbiology news in 2018.
    Latest Discoveries In Microbiology 2019

    Latest Discoveries In Microbiology 2019

    Research performed in 2019 has uncovered a lot of new evidence in several areas of microbiology &virology. Here are top 10 discoveries in microbiology 2019.

    Top 10 Microbiology News of 2020

    Microbiology News 2020: 2020 was the year of the horrific pandemic that influenced all aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, the scientific community was impacted too. Still, though the whole world scrambled to study the new virus, many scientific teams have made breakthroughs in other areas of microbiology and virology.

    Top 15 Microbiology News of 2021

    These topics focus on the discoveries and developments in Microbiology in 2021. Research and developments on various topics, such as engineered bacteria, oil-degrading bacteria, and symbiotic relationship between root colonizing bacteria and host plants, have been included here.

    Top 15 Microbiology News of 2022

    Microbiology News of 2022: Plant-based organic acid kills food-poisoning bacteria, bacteria turned into renewable energy, plastic waste creates antibiotic-producing bacteria, microbes as biofertilizers, antibiotics repurposed, and more.


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    1. Microbiology essentially began with the development of the microscope. Although others may have seen microbes before him, it was Antony Van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch draper whose hobby was lens grinding and making microscopes, who was the first to provide proper documentation of his observations. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is considered a father of microbiology as he observed and experimented with microscopic organisms in 1676, using simple microscopes of his own design. Scientific microbiology developed in the 19th century through the work of Louis Pasteur and in medical microbiology Robert Koch.


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