Marsh Gladiolus

  • Plant Type: Perennial herb.
  • Common Names: Marsh Gladiolus, Sword Lily
  • Color: Purple, red
  • Flower Dimensions: The spike is 12-18 inches.
  • Flowering Season: Spring (May to July).

Marsh Gladiolus

Gladiolus palustris is a perennial herb of the Iridaceae family and is native to Central and NW Europe. This species can grow to a height of 12-24 inches.

Marsh Gladiolus F

  • The stems of the Marsh Gladiolus are erect, glabrous, and unbranched.
  • The leaves of the Gladiolus palustris are simple and shaped like a sword. The leaves have parallel venation. The leaf measurement is 1.6-3.5 inches in length.
  • The Marsh Gladiolus plants have 3-8 beautiful curving flowers in a spike (1-sided).
  • The flowers of the Marsh Gladiolus are hermaphroditesWhat is hermaphrodites?Having both male and female reproductive organs. and are mostly pollinated by bumblebees.
Where can Marsh Gladiolus be mostly spotted?
Flower WatchingEurope

Interesting Facts about Marsh Gladiolus

Pink Marsh Gladiolus Flower

  • The genus Gladiolus[1] is a Latin word that means “a sword“. The specific name palustrisis a Latin word that means “growing in marshes, ” the plant’s environment.
  • The Gladioli are also called xiphium. This is from the Greek word xiphios, which means “sword“.
  • The Marsh Gladiolus does not have a true bulb like other perennials. The bulb of the Gladiolus is called a corm. The Marsh Gladiolus flowers[2] are edible. However, other parts are toxic. The most poisonous part of the plant is the bulb.
  • Gladiolus flowers symbolize a strength of character, remembrance, faithfulness, and moral integrity.
  • The scientists identified the first polymorphic microsatellite markers in G. palustris. This information is important in knowing the species’ genetic diversity since the G. palustris species is critically endangered.

Sword Lily

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