Aromatic Aster

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Plantae Asterales Asteraceae Symphyotrichum Symphyotrichum oblongifolium
  • Plant type: Herbaceous perennial herb.
  • Common Names: Aromatic aster, Aromatic American Aster, Fall Aster, Wild Blue Aster, Shale Aster.
  • Color: Blue, Purple
  • Flower Dimensions: 1-3 inches.
  • Flowering Seasons/Months: August to November.
  • Desert with Aromatic Aster: Chihuahuan.

Shale Aster

Aromatic Aster Flower Characteristics

Aromatic Aster

Symphyotricum oblongifolium is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family. The Aromatic Aster can grow to a height of 1-2 feet.

  • Aromatic asters are low-growing. Their stems are stiff, compact, and compact. When the plant’s stems are crushed, it gives off a balsam-like fragrance.
  • The leaves of the Aromatic asters are rigid and toothless. They are oblong and blue-green. The leaves are fragrant when crushed. The leaves measure up to 4 inches.
  • The flowers of the Aromatic Aster are small and Daisy-like. The flowers have violet-blue rays, and their center disks are yellow.
  • The aromatic asters have glandular bracts with long and green tips.
  • Aromatic asters spread using stolons.

Aromatic American Aster

Aromatic Aster Facts

Aromatic Aster

  • The genus name of the Symphoyotrichum oblongifolium[1] is from the Greek word “symph” and “trich, ” which means “coming together” and “hair. ” This is about the anthers of the flower.
  • The specific epithet of the plant “oblongifolium“is from the Latin word “oblongus“. This means oblong leaves. The shape and size of the plants are considerable variations in this species.
  • Tea can be made from the roots of the Aromatic Aster[2]. This can be used to treat fever.
  • They are called “asters” because the flowers resemble a star. The asters[3] symbolize wisdom, faith, and valor.
  • The old name of this plant is Aster oblongifolius[4]. All the new world asters are reclassified to the genus Symphoyotricum.

Aromatic Aster

Wild Blue Aster

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