Lantana camara, also known as common Lantana, is a species of the Verbenaceae (verbena) family indigenous to the American tropics. Lantana camara is an essential perennial herb of which there are around 650 varieties[1].

Lantana Flowers

Other common names for Lantana camara are white-sage, red-sage, wild-sage, big-sage, and Spanish flag. The leaves are dull, medium green, with deep veins, and often hairy.

Lantana Camara

The lamina (an enlarged part of the leaf) is oval or pear-shaped, pointed with a wide rounded tip, rounded base, rounded or regularly toothed edges with wrinkled and stiff and pointed hairs.

Orange Lantana Flowers

When you crush the leaves, a distinctive and strong smell is created. The flower heads have several smaller flowers.

Red Lantana Flowers

Each flower is tubular and has four elongated lobes (petals) that change color with age. The colors come in different shades of pink, red, orange, yellow, or white.

Yellow Lantana Flowers

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