The Elderflower (also known as an elderberry tree and an elderflower tree) is a slightly arid and messy tree that rarely has a central trunk. Instead, numerous trunks tend to stick out of the ground and branch out regularly, giving it a shrub-like, bushy appearance.


The Elderflower is found in hedgerows, forests, woodlands, parks, along roadsides, and in many gardens around the world: Australia, Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Ireland, and many more.

Beautiful Elderflower

The Elderflower belongs to the genus Sambucus with over 20 species[1] identified in the world.

Elderberry Flowers

The Elderflower blooms for about 6 weeks in early summer. The clusters or sprays of flowers are distributed throughout the tree. Each tiny flower is cream/white colored in full bloom and has five rounded petals, cream/white colored stalks, and yellow anthers.

Elderflower Bunch

The leaves of the Elderflower have a somewhat sawn edge. On each branch, you’ll find a terminal leaf and two or three pairs of leaves that grow directly opposite each other.

Elderflower Tree

Elderflowers have a pleasant, sweet, and summery fragrance in full bloom.

White Elderflowers

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