4 Petal Flowers


Flower Type: Trees
Eulychnia iquiquensis is treelike cactus of the Order Caryophyllales. It is endemic to the northern part of the Atacama Desert. The genus name Eulychnia is derived from the Greek words (eu and lychnos). Its English translation is "beautiful lamp".

Asian Spider Flower

Flower Type: Annuals
Cleome viscosa is an annual herb that belongs to the Cleomaceae family. It is synonymous with Polanisia viscosa. The extracts from the flower and leaves of Cleome viscosa manifest effective antimicrobial activity.

Sweet Woodruff

Flower Type: Perennials
Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) is a great statement plant in the shade garden. In spring, the plants are covered with white flowers, and the foliage gives off a sweet smell of hay. Sweet woodruff is a carpet-forming perennial most commonly cultivated as a groundcover in shady areas. There are over 600 species of flowering plants in the Galium genus.

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