How To Become An Infectious Disease Specialist?

How to become an infectious disease specialist?

An infectious disease specialist is a medical doctor who is qualified to diagnose and treat infectious diseases such as HIV or TB. These medical doctors render their services either on hospitals or at out-patient-based.

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How to become an infectious disease specialist?

In order to become an infectious disease specialist, one has to take the following career track:

  • Complete a pre-med Bachelor degree;
  • Pass the College Admission Test (MCAT);
  • Gain entry to the licensed medical school and complete the 4-year course of study, including the period of internship;
  • Pass the 3-parts of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE);
  • Complete a 3-4-year residency in internal medicine;
  • Join a 2-3-year fellowship in infectious diseases. The fellowship would include:
    • One year of clinical care practice;
    • One or two years of research practice;
    • 2 weeks practice at a microbiology lab;
  • One can choose a fellowship for the clinical investigator or basic investigator track that emphasizes modern research methods, analytical skills, molecular biology, and genetics.
  • Obtain the infectious disease certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine;

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How much do infectious disease specialists make?

In the United States, the average salary for infectious disease specialists is between $190,779 and $256,031.

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