Highland Mangabey

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Animalia Primates Cercopithecidae Rungwecebus Rungwecebus kipunji
IUCN Status: Endangered
  • Common Name: Highland mangabey
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 2005
  • Monkey Size: 85 to 90 cm (33.46 to 35.43 in)
  • Skin Color(s): Light or medium brown
  • Habitat: Forest, rainforest
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Native Countries: Tanzania

Highland mangabey Distribution

Highland Mangabey Characteristics

The kipunji[1] (Rungwecebus kipunji), also called the highland mangabey, is an Old World monkey inhabiting the upland forests of Tanzania.

  • Sexual dimorphism is not apparent from adult coat color. In general, the fur is relatively long, which may be an adaptation to the low temperatures of the Rungwe-Livingstone forest.
  • The back is light to medium brown, while the center of the abdomen is whitish. The center of the tail is also whitish at the tip end.
  • The lower front legs are dark brown to black, and the hands and feet are black. The long, wide crest of hair along the Crown is a unique feature.
  • The eyes are brown, but the eyelids are black with the rest of the face. The muzzle is relatively long with elongated whiskers.

Highland Mangabey Facts

  • The kipunji has a distinctive call referred to as “horn bark“, which distinguishes it from its relatives, the Gray-cheeked mangabey and Black-crested mangabey, whose calls are referred to as “whoop-gobbles“.
  • Kipunji is the first species of New World Monkey to be discovered since Allen’s Swamp Monkey in 1923.
  • It is a social species found in groups of about 30-36 males and females with a maximum of two offspring.
  • Head shaking has been observed in males just before the animal flees.
  • Kipunji is active during the day and mostly confine their activity to trees and rarely reach the ground.

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Key References
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