What Do Birds Eat?

    What Do Birds Eat?What Do Birds Eat? Birds are the next animal type within the animal kingdom. There are 40 different orders of birds within the Aves family. Most birds diet on insects, seeds, flowers, berries, while others (large birds) feed on small mammals such as rodents and reptiles such as snakes.

    On this page, BioExplorer explores different types of birds and their diet classified by species, how often birds eat, how much birds eat, when do birds eat, hunting techniques, and what eats birds.

    Also, we have explored each bird’s stance within the animal food chain as to how birds play a predator role and prey role.

    What Do Birds Eat?

    What Do Cardinals Eat?

    What Do Cardinals Eat?

    Cardinals are also referred to as redbirds. These perching birds found in North and South America are omnivores. Explore what do cardinals eat and more.
    What Do Crows Eat?

    What Do Crows Eat?

    Explore what do crows eat by their types and what eats crows. Crows diet may include small mammals, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, insects, seeds, nuts, & more.
    What Do Eagles Eat?

    What Do Eagles Eat?

    Eagles are powerful birds with sharp beaks. Explore what do eagles eat, detailed eagles diet by types, how do eagles hunt, how often eagles eat & more here.
    What Do Flamingos Eat?

    What Do Flamingos Eat?

    Flamingoes are beautiful wading birds classified in the family Phoenicopteridae. Explore what do flamingos eat, types & what eats flamingoes.
    what do hummingbirds eat?

    What Do Hummingbirds Eat?

    Explore what do hummingbirds eat here. Hummingbirds mainly eat nectar from flowers. They further supplement this diet by feeding on a wide array of insects.
    What do owls eat?

    What Do Owls Eat?

    Owls are described as raptors because of their sharp claws and beaks. Explore what do owls eat, owls diet by different types, what eats owls, how often do owls eat & more.
    What Do Orioles Eat?

    What Do Orioles Eat? Explore Oriole Diets, Hunting & Eating Habits

    Orioles are omnivorous birds grouped in 2 different families. Explore what do orioles eat, orioles diet by types, and what eats orioles here.
    What do peacocks eat?

    What Do Peacocks Eat?

    Peacocks are flashy birds renowned for their colorful tail plumage. Explore what do peacocks eat, their diet by types, and what eats peacocks & more here.
    What Do Sparrows Eat?

    What Do Sparrows Eat?

    Sparrows are small plump birds (aka passerine birds), which are brown or grey. Explore what do sparrows eat, sparrows diet by types, and what eats sparrows.
    What Do Woodpeckers Eat?

    What Do Woodpeckers Eat?

    Woodpeckers are magnificent birds classified under the family Picidae and sub-family Picinae. Explore what do woodpeckers eat and their diet-related info.

    What Do Robins Eat? Explore Robin Diets, Hunting & Eating Habits

    Robins are classified as chat family members containing many small insect-eating birds. Explore what do robins eat by their types.

    What Do Wrens Eat? Explore Wren Diets, Hunting & Eating Habits

    Wrens are small Passeriformes that are found in wide distribution in North and South America. Explore what do wrens eat, their diet by types, what eats wrens.
    What Do Goldfinches Eat?

    What Do Goldfinches Eat? Explore Goldfinch Diets, Hunting & Eating Habits

    Goldfinches are mainly omnivores. Explore in detail what do Goldfinches eat by their types, hunting techniques, what eats Goldfinches & more.

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