How To Become A Parasitologist?

How to become a parasitologist?

A parasitologist is a medical specialist whose primary focus is parasites, from protists and insects to bacteria and viruses.

In this page, explore the step on how to become a parasitologist, available tracks within parasitology, educational qualifications and the average salary in the United States.

A parasitologist can either study and analyze their lifecycles or develop a treatment for patients that suffer from parasitic diseases.

Sometimes, a parasitologist is involved only in research and/or treatment of diseases caused solely by eukaryotic parasites – protists, worms, and insects.

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How To Become A Parasitologist?

There are two tracks for becoming a parasitologist:

Research track:

  • Complete high school with a high GPA;
  • Join a school with a major in parasitology;
  • Get a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology or related sciences (4 years);
  • Get a Masters in Biology/Parasitology (2 years);
  • Get a Ph.D. in parasitology (at least 3 years);
  • Work as a research fellow in a parasitology lab or a similar research facility;

Medical parasitologist degree track:

  • Complete high school with a high GPA;
  • Complete the 4 years Bachelor degree in Life Sciences or a related major;
  • Pass the Medical School Admission Test (MCAT);
  • Complete the 4-year training for a medical degree (M.D.);
  • Pass the three parts of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE);
  • Join an internal medicine residency for 3 years;
  • Join an infectious diseases fellowship (3 years);
  • Complete an additional year for training in parasitology;

Average Salary for Parasitologists

An average salary for a parasitologist in the USA ranges between $75,299 and $133,440 depending on the type of work they are doing and the overall experience.

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