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Before learning about the ways in which Biotechnology has showed marked improvements in a human society, it is worth understanding what the subject is all about. To define it in the simplest way possible, Biotechnology is the technology used on living systems and organisms to study and discover products that facilitate a better life.

The application of Biotechnology is nothing new. For thousands of years, human beings have applied and tested biotechnology in a variety of fields like food production, discovery of drugs and medicines and of-course agriculture. However, the term Biotechnology was first coined by a Hungarian engineer named Karoly Ereky in the year 1919. Continuous research and developments in the field has resulted in the expansion of Biotechnology to numerous other branches of science like applied immunology, genomics, pharmaceutical therapy, diagnostics and gene technology.

history of biotechnology

History of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an mixture of the knowledge obtained in biology with scientific methods & practices in technology. See the history of biotechnology here.

How has Biotechnology rewarded our society and world in general?

Since Biotechnology successfully develops products and technologies to combat issues like environmental hazards, overuse of energy resources, spread of infectious diseases, hunger, industrial difficulties and other, this subject is booming today.

After getting down to the brass tacks, analyzing and discovering remedies from very natural resources, Biotechnology has changed the odds of malefic, lethal diseases all across the globe. It has benefited the world with numerous instruments that are highly equipped to detect disease or infection at a very early stage.

The contribution of Biotechnology towards the society is huge. Fuel is imperative for survival today. Putting processes like fermentation and exploitation of biocatalysts like microbes, enzymes and yeast into use to create valuable manufacturing plants, this branch of science has beefed up the production of fuel and other biological alternatives by leaps and bounds.

Biotechnology – Academic Overview

Biotechnology, as the name suggests is not restricted with ideas about Biology and Technology only. In-fact, as a student of Biotechnology, you will be expected to learn the ropes of:

Career Opportunities

Since Biotechnology is a booming course of study these days, career options are huge. There are openings for Biotechnologists in the industrial sector, pharmaceutical sector, food and beverage sector and also in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and environment conservation.


Here are the good resources on Biotechnology from around the web.

AGROGENE, Molecular marker and plant breeding
AGROGENE brings you the latest innovation in plant research & biotechnology. With a decade ofplant genetics and breeding expertise, our laboratory, based in France, provides you with molecular marker service (AFLP, Microsatellites, PCR test, GMO detection). Link

Art’s Biotechnology Resource
This site allows easy access to hyperlinks and free software for the biochemist, biophysicist and molecular biologist. This site is constantly evolving and expanding, so it can be easy to use, reliable, and comprehensive. This is purely a non-profit site for your enjoyment. Link

The biotech equipment trading site is the largest independent Internet trading site that allows people to communicate their buying and selling needs for biological research and clinical laboratory equipment. Link

Bioresources and Biotechnology Division, TERI
Promote the efficient management of natural resources, particularly forest wealth, and harness modern biological techniques to enhance yields, protect and conserve biodiversity, and control environmental pollution. Link

Bioscience Engineering – University of Cambridge
Web pages of the a research group in Cambridge, UK, working on gene and protein delivery technologies. Techniques used include bioresponsive polymers, viruses and carbon nanotubes. Link

Biotechnology Strategic Targets for Alliances in Research. Part of Industry – University Cooperative Research Program. Link

Biotechfind – Biotech Industry Search Engine is a directory of international links covering the fields of biotechnologies and biofinances and including a keyword-based search engine. Link

Biotechnology Computing Facility
Homepage of the Biotechnology Computing Facility, a division of Arizona Research Laboratories, BCF is a research support facility specializing in Bioinformatics, Image Processing and Molecular Modeling at the University of Arizona. Link

Biotechnology for the 21st Century: New Horizons
1995 report by the Biotechnology Research Subcommittee of the (U.S.) National Science and Technology Council describes major areas of biotechnology application and identifies research priorities in the field. Link

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