Selangor Silvered Langur

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Animalia Primates Cercopithecidae Trachypithecus Trachypithecus selangorensis
Selangor Silvery Langur
IUCN Status: Nearly-Threatened
  • Common Name: Selangor Silvery Langur
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 2008
  • Monkey Size: 50.6 to 50.6 cm (19.9 to 19.9 in)
  • Skin Color(s): Gray
  • Habitat: Forest, rainforest, scrub forest
  • Diet: Herbivorous
  • Native Countries: Malaysia

Selangor Silvery Langur Distribution

Selangor Silvered Langur Characteristics

Selangor Silvered Langur

The Selangor silvered langur[1] (Trachypithecus selangorensis) is a leaf monkey living on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula.

  • Previously, it was considered a species of silvery Lutung. Roos and his colleagues elevated this population to a subspecies, Trachypithecus cristatus selangorensis, in 2008.
  • Since then, primatologists have considered it a separate species, Trachypithecus selangorensis.
  • The Selangor silvered langur has a gray body while the face, feet and hands are black. The type specimen had a head and body length of 50.6 centimeters (19.9 in) and a tail of 70.4 centimeters (27.7 in).
  • The closely related Silvery Lutung has an average head and body length of 48.9 cm (19.3 in) for females and 54.4 centimeters (21.4 in) for males.
  • The Silvery Lutung weighs an average of 5.7 kilograms (13 pounds) for females and 6.6 kilograms (15 pounds) for males.
  • The Selangor silvered langur differs from the silvery langur in the shape of its whiskers. The Selangor silvered langur has long, straight whiskers, while the silvery Lutung has scalloped whiskers. The two species also differ genetically.

Selangor Silvered Langur Facts

  • Like most leaf monkeys, the Selangor silvered langur usually lives in groups of a single adult male and several adult females and their young offspring.
  • Males of the same age tend to leave their birth group together and join new groups. The groups are territorial, with little overlap between the territories of the different groups.
  • In addition to feeding and caring for the babies, the Selangor silvered langur’s activity budget includes grooming, vocalizing, resting, transportation, and playing.
  • Monkeys of all ages, including babies and the dominant male, indulge in grooming. Grooming sessions usually involve two monkeys, but sometimes three or four.
  • When Selangor silvered langurs encounter smaller long-tailed macaques, the langurs usually walk away without a fight.

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