Top 14 Best Gifts For Microbiologists

best gifts for microbiologists

Gifts For Microbiologists: Whether it is a season of Joy, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasions, it is always difficult to pick the perfect Gift, especially for geeky microbiologists or microbiology professors or aspiring students interested in microbiology!

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We have hand-picked the best gifts that are microbiology-related, which we hope will be the best ones you can find. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to present someone with gifts related to their profession.

These microbiology-themed gifts not only enhance their interest but are also useful and relevant, at the workplace.

Top 14 Best Gifts For Microbiologists

Let us hop on to top 14 best gifts for microbiologists.

1. Molecular model kit

LogicLabs Organic Chemistry Model Kit (239 Pieces) - with Starter Guide Atoms and Bonds. Molecular Model Student or Teacher Pack. Molecular model kit is a set of 86 blocks as atoms and 153 links that represent bonds between the atoms. This concept building restructures set of pieces can be an ultimate choice of gift for a microbiologist as:

  • For microbiology students, the molecular kit can act as a handy tool for academic and educational purpose.
  • Since it could be redesign to represent different sets and shapes of molecules, it can act as a model centerpiece of study, work or laboratory area.
  • Structures and linkages in compounds can be easily taught and compared with the help of molecular kit and researchers of microbiology can make use of the comparison in their findings and perception improvement.

2. Virus board game

Arcane Wonders Viral Board Game Board Game The world of microbiologists revolves around pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Keeping in mind the fact and touching it on a lighter note, a virus board game could be of possible interest for a microbiologist in many ways as:

  • The board game gives quite a resemblance to the internal environment of a human body which gets infected by viruses.
  • As a multiplayer board game, the virus board game can be a fun time well spent on holidays with friends especially if they all belong to the field of microbiology.
  • The game manifests competition among different viruses and their strategies to take control of the organs of the body by mutation; the circumstances and situation well understood by microbiologists.

3. Virus Mug

No products found. A mug for hot or cold drinks, with bacteriophages imprints on the ceramic background, is a perfect match for a microbiologist. The blue viruses on the white backdrop of ceramic material could be gifted on birthdays or Christmas as:

  • The appropriate solution to present a person with a microbiology background.
  • It can be handily used at workplace or home because of its large handle for easeful gripping.
  • Available in different sizes, the coffee mug can be used in microwaves and cleaned in dishwashers. These features make it a must-have a microbiology lab assistant.
No products found.

4. DNA/RNA wall-art

RNA & DNA - 11x14 Unframed Art Print - Makes a Great Science Room Decor and Gift Under $15 for Biologists and Biology Students The wall art of structure of DNA and RNA is a go-to choice for gifting it to a member of family or friend belonging to a scientific background. Since the microbiologist usually plays with DNA and RNA molecular structures of microbes, the DNA/RNA wall-art is a suitable present to be gifted on any special occasion. For microbiologists, it makes a perfect gift choice as:

  • The brownish background makes a suitable scientific display for laboratory, classroom or even personal dorm room.
  • The original and long-lasting art piece matches the interest of someone having a vintage inclination and scientific background.

5. Microbiology Tie

No products found. A tie is always considered as a prime most option to be given as a gift for men. However, what if the tie has some brightly colored pictures of parasites and bacteria? It makes a perfect gift option for any male with microbiology background as:

  • The microbial tie with bright hues is a picture perfect pick to be gifted and used on Halloween or Christmas party.
  • Available in standard size and material of silk, it is suitable to be wrapped up as a present for any microbiology student or professional.
No products found.

6. Microbiology Throw Pillow

Ambesonne Science Throw Pillow Cushion Cover, Microbiology Theme Animal Cell Structure Genetic Research Study Science, Decorative Square Accent Pillow Case, 18' X 18', Pale Blue State of the art printed pillowcases of microscopic pictures of cells can be an excellent choice to be given to someone, with microbiology background.

  • Available in different colors, the cushion case can be used at any place such as microbiology study area, personal space or room.
  • Sue to availability in a diverse range of colors, it can be matched with sofas, beddings, and chairs adding a perfect touch to the interior of individual space.
  • As it is made up of fine cotton and pure material, the pillowcases possess a perfect finish and long-lasting hues to be used for the whole family.

7. Microscope Cufflinks

No products found. A classy and perfect pick for male microbiologists could be silver cufflinks, with stainless steel plating. With microscope imprinted on the cufflinks, it proves to be an elegant gift choice for microbiology professionals:

  • As it can be used for any professional occasion or conferences requiring formal dressing but with a touch up of the line of work.
  • The cufflinks came in a variety of colors and wrapped in proper closure box making it a perfect gift item.
No products found.

8. Microbiology T-shirt

Bacteria Shirt Funny Microbiology Bacteria Lab T-Shirt With a microbiology touch, a funny and witty piece of clothing such as a T-shirt makes the first-hand choice for students and other microbiology personnel such as intern, researcher or laboratory worker.

  • Conveniently gettable in a diverse range of colors, the funny T-shirt with microbiology pick up line is perfect to be presented to any individual or youngster having microbiology interest.
  • The t-shirt features multi-colored and adorable bacteria and can be worn by females or males, on any casual occasion or party.
  • The soft cotton fabric and flawless finish make it a comfortable and chic piece of clothing.

9. Mad Scientist Drinking Glasses

Chemistry Shot Glasses - Set of 4 Science Beaker Shots For The Nerd in Your Life - Work Overtime in the Home Laboratory - Chemistry Gifts Backed by Science If you are still not able to figure out any gift item for your science or microbiology buddy, the drinking set glasses could be the stop of your search. A perfect pick for anyone from microbiology or science background, the drinking glasses set is suitable for friends, family or colleague.

  • The mini set of 4 shot glasses are shaped as adorable laboratory glassware such as beakers, conical flask, and round flask.
  • The durable and portable glass set suitable for parties and decorations suits as an ultimate preference for family and friends having scientific experience.

10. Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic Board Game (Base Game) | Cooperative Board Game for Adults and Family | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players | Average Playtime 45 minutes | Made by Z-Man Games Playing board games is an interactive and indulging fun-filled activity with family and friends especially during the time of holidays. Apt for persons of microbiology area, the Pandemic board game is another first-hand selection as present:

  • Since it is to be played as a team game, fighting havoc caused by disease outbreak, it can be ideally played with colleagues and friends coming over at party place or during the holidays night stay.
  • The game can be played with kids above ages 8. So, it can prove to be a seemly preference for indulging the kids having microbiology interest into interactive gameplay.

11. DNA Lamp

Luxury & Trendy 3D DNA Home Decoration Bulb Lamp LED Night 7 Color Change Table Illusion Bedroom Kid Boys Cafe Bar Deco Toy Gifts Drop Shipping The DNA double helical shaped lamp can make a decent selection to be gifted to anyone whether kids, youngsters, students, family members or colleagues. This trendy piece of decoration appropriately suits microbiologists as:

  • Availability in seven colors could be customized with any theme or backdrop.
  • Personalized to be placed in any area of the home, dorm room, work station or laboratory table, the three dimensional DNA shaped LED lamp adds a treat to space where it is oriented.
  • Rechargeable battery and portability make it ideal to kept for outdoor camping activities and theme parties.

12. Microbiology Coasters

Ambesonne Science Coaster Set of 4, Microbiology Theme Animal Cell Structure Genetic Research Study Science, Square Hardboard Gloss Coasters, Standard Size, Multicolor Drink and beverage coasters having biological cells imprinted on is another set of suitable choice of gifts for individuals of microbiology background.

  • Made up of hardboard material, the designs and printing relate the coasters to be gifted to any biology person especially a microbiologist.
  • These handy and protective covers could be matched with the tableware as they are available in a variety of colors.
  • The durable material and perfection to be used in any environment make them suitable to be used even outdoors for occasions such as biology themed parties or birthday celebrations.

13. DNA Ornament

DNA Ornament DNA is part and parcel of microbiologist working. So, the DNA shaped double helical version of decoration item is a perfect pick for anyone related to microbiology field.

  • The DNA shaped twisted ladder decoration item is made up of metal alloy and can be used at any hanging place such as laboratory windows or decorative places at home or offices.
  • The DNA shaped hanging piece comes with a gift card in an exclusive gift box. You need to grab it up and scribble the name of any microbiologist family member or friend, and there you go. No wrap-ups need.

14. Support Bacteria Coffee Mug

Neurons Not Included Support Bacteria Coffee or Tea Mug Coffee mugs with a teaser bacteria statement are what you all need to gift someone having microbial linkage. Why not go for grabbing this perfect holiday must have to sip in some hot coffee and indulged in soothing conversation with a bunch of colleagues and family friends.

  • The teaser statement could help you pick this item up for any of your microbiologist friend or acquaintance, with a great sense of humor.
  • Funny, eye-catching yet exquisite, these coffee mugs are perfect to be used anywhere from lab workstations to home and dorm rooms. These high-quality mugs make a great holiday gift choice for youngsters and old ages.

What is your favorite gift for microbiologist? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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