Top 15 Best Gifts For Neurosurgeons

best gifts for neurosurgeons

Best Gifts For Neurosurgeons: Neurosurgery is one of the most demanding medical professions there is. As these specialists deal with the most complex part of the human body, they need to withstand a lot.

That is why some humor and appreciation would go a long way to support them and cheer them up.

Here are some best recommended gifts that would surely show how much you appreciate your neurosurgeon or neuroscientist relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Best Gifts For Neurosurgeons


Dunoon Glencoe Brain Mug

After long, grueling surgeries most neurosurgeons desperately require quality coffee or drink.

Dunoon Glencoe The Brain Mug (16.9 Oz)

  • And it would be both thoughtful and appropriate to give your neurosurgeon friend a mug that reflects his main area of interest.
  • Thanks to bright and colorful print, one would never forget the main areas of the brain and what each of them is responsible for.
  • Such a mug would come handy for neuroscience students, professors, and acting surgeons who do not wish to forget the basics.
  • It can also be useful during a consultation with patients.
  • There is an added bonus – this mug is so unique that nobody would mix it with theirs during lunch!


Funny Neuroscientist mug

There are many positive things about this mug. First of all, its size is very satisfying. One can get a really hearty coffee dose with its help. Also, the mug is well made, and the picture on it does not fade with time.

Funny Neuroscientist Mug – The Brain is Your Most Important Organ – Joke Neuroscience Coffee Cup Gag Gift - Neurology Doctor Neurosurgeon Scientist

  • The artwork is entirely original is also makes one think.
  • We have been studying the brain and its function for many years – but what were we actually used for studying it? What has come first – the egg or the chicken? Isn’t it an excellent conversation starter during the break with colleagues? Gift this mug to your neurosurgeon friend and then have fun observing the consequences!


A surgeon appreciation T-shirt

Neurosurgeons are indeed awesome! They know so much and do such delicate surgeries every day.

Inked Creatively Gift for Freaking Awesome Neurosurgeon - Unisex Tshirt Black XL

  • They spend so much effort in saving lives.
  • So why not buy your own neurosurgeon a cute T-shirt that confirms this well-known fact? The T-shirt is suitable for both men and women and comes in different sized up to 5XL.
  • This is a universal gift that will surely be appreciated by the recipient.
  • It is a great way to remind your friends and loved ones how much you admire their work.
  • To make your gift perfect, follow the seller’s instructions and evade counterfeit products by buying only from authorized sources.


Neurosurgeon definition T-shirt

How would you define a neurosurgeon? Instead of looking up the definition in the thesaurus, use the description on this T-shirt.

Neurosurgeon Definition: Like a Normal Person, But T-Shirt Black

  • Sometimes it is appropriate to forget the precise terms and just have some fun.
  • Fun is crucial for doctors, as they risk fatigue and burnout every day.
  • Giving this shirt as a gift, you remind the recipient about his own positive qualities and provide them with much-needed reason to laugh.
  • It helps that this type of gift is virtually universal, as the seller has sizes from S to 3XL, and the design is suitable for both men and women.


Dopamine-Serotonin-acetylcholine molecule necklace

Creativity - Dopamine Serotonin Acetylcholine - Molecule Necklace in sterling silverMolecules have their own beauty, as this necklace successfully proves.

  • Not only it is made of sparkling sterling silver, but it was also developed and crafted by an actual scientist turned artisan.
  • The charms on the necklace are devoted to creativity.
  • They depict the molecular structure of three important neurotransmitters responsible for positive emotions and general wellbeing, something any neurosurgeon would appreciate.
  • The item comes with its own original packaging made from recycled materials – another nice touch.
  • Even if one does not understand the meaning, one can appreciate the elegance of the piece, which can be safely worn to any festive occasion.


I am Star Stuff necklace

Carl Sagan once has written that we are all made of stuff that was produced by stars a very long time ago.

I AM STAR STUFF Amino Acid Pendant Necklace in sterling silver

  • Amino acids can also be viewed as “star-derived” molecules.
  • Moreover, as amino acids are usually labeled by letters, they can be used as an alphabet of sorts.
  • This silver necklace combines Sagans’ powerful words with the beauty of amino acids.
  • The chain of molecules actually contains a proud message – “I am Star Stuff. ” It is an excellent gift for any science lover – who would be allowed to wear such an empowering, magical message every day.


Brain hair clip

Having one’s hair neat and tidy is crucial during surgeries and consultation. That is why all hair accessories have to be reliable and sturdy.

Silver Toned Anatomy Brain Tie Clip

  • This small hairclip is ideal for such a purpose.
  • It will safely hold the wayward strands in place, and it would not break easily.
  • The clip is also made of sturdy material that does not spoil with time.
  • The design is simple and elegant, reminding everyone about the calling in life of its owner.
  • Such a gift, though small, would undoubtedly be used often – with many kind thoughts about the giver.


World’s Best Neurologist Christmas Ornament

NEONBLOND Custom Family Ornament Worlds Best Neurologist Certificate Award Personalized NameA gift does not have to be fancy to be really heartwarming. These ceramic Christmas ornaments from Neonblond are small and simple – but they just hit the mark.

  • The ornament can be personalized and beautifully packaged so that the recipient will get this glorious award only in time for Christmas.
  • Would it not be pleasant to see your name on such ornament that shows how much one’s work is liked and appreciated? The Christmas tree decorations would gain new significance this way.
  • It is also a great idea for corporate gifts or decorations within the hospitals during holiday time.


Brain Anatomical Model Paperweight

There are several reasons why this glass paperweight can make an excellent gift for a neurosurgeon.

3D Human Brain Anatomical Model Paperweight(Laser Etched) in Crystal Glass Cube Science Gift (No included LED base)(3.1x2x2 inch)

  • First of all, the size is ideal – it is neither too small nor too big.
  • The image of the brain is made with a laser and is anatomically correct (an essential point for a specialist).
  • That is why this item can be both used as a teaching tool and as a functional paperweight.
  • If you buy an additional light stand for it, it can be really mesmerizing as well.
  • As you can see, this paperweight is an excellent gift idea, especially if the recipient is a neuroscience professor or a student.


Anatomical coasters

These coasters with X-ray images of different body parts are both stylish and beautiful. They are made of flexible rubber, not wood.

Anatomy Goth Gift Set of 4 or 6 Drink Coasters Skull Anatomical Heart Male Nurse Practitioner Doctor Physician Assistant

  • The design is striking, and it also does not fade away with use.
  • The coasters also come with a beautiful transparent tin for storage.
  • Most medical practitioners, neurosurgeons included, would really appreciate such a thoughtful present.
  • One should remember though that not all beverages go well with rubber and sometimes it is better to use the coasters as decorations or for setting the mood instead of putting them under hot mugs or cups.


Brain necklace

It is often tough to find right, stylish jewelry to give as presents. Many people dislike fancy, bright pieces.

Anatomical Brain Necklace 3D Solid Stainless Steel No Tarnish No Color Change Antique Finish for Man Woman

  • Also, it is very hard to choose something suitable and original for men.
  • This necklace would solve all your problems in this regard.
  • Thanks to its thoughtful design, the necklace can become an excellent wardrobe addition for any professional involved in treating the brain.
  • It is made of stainless steel and can look well on anyone irrespective of gender.
  • It also is sturdy and will not fade away with time.
  • Gift packaging is available from the seller if needed.


Neuron bracelet

Have you ever realized how beautiful neurons actually are? Look at some photographs. Appreciate how elegant and unique their thin, star-like structures are.

MANZHEN Neuron Nerve Cell Science Bangle Bracelet Hook Opening Bracelet

  • Any neurosurgeon that works with nerve tissues every day would confirm it.
  • That is why this neuron bracelet is such a good gift.
  • Made of glowing, soft copper it with a sturdy clasp, it makes an excellent and unique fashion accessory.
  • It also underlines the beauty of the calling of its owner.
  • By giving such a gift, you also provide your neurosurgeon friend an opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of nerve cells to anybody interested.


Life Lessons From A Brain Surgeon

Fatigue, burnout, and loss of concentration are things that most practicing neurosurgeons fear. Unfortunately, their heavy workload and stressful conditions in which they have to work in give them little time to take care of themselves.

Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon

  • They are often reluctant to do so even if there is some time available.
  • That is why this book is an excellent choice for an award or a gift.
  • It is written by a neurosurgeon, so it would inspire confidence in neuroscience specialists.
  • It also contains many useful exercises that would help in improving overall brain health and counteract stress and pain.


Victorian vintage Human nature Print

Doctors appreciate some science-related art that they can use in their offices and consultation spaces.


  • This type of decorations helps to set the mood and distracts patients and other visitors from their problems.
  • They can also be very informative, which makes them superior to simple paintings.
  • This vintage poster can become a great addition to any science art collection.
  • It brings back the Victorian era with its newfound respect and awe of science in general and human brain in particular.
  • The poster can be ordered in different sizes, and the packaging offered by the seller is very reliable, which is also an important point when you order something as a gift.


Animal Brain Poster

This particular print has a fascinating history. A Portland-based multimedia artist, J, Sayuri, has turned brain samples from various animals into watercolor paintings.

Veterinary Gift - 16' x 20' Neuroscience Wall Art - Psychology Artwork Neuroscience Christmas Gift - Graduation Gifts for Veterinarians - Veterinary Wall Art - Signed by J. Sayuri

  • If you look closely, you would see that each small brain painting has a label, telling from which animal this particular sample has come from.
  • As a result, the poster created from these paintings is both beautiful and educational.
  • It can be an excellent addition for walls of neuroscience students’ dorms and doctor offices alike.
  • Now it can be ordered on Amazon – and may make a unique present for your neurosurgeon friend or loved one.

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We hope we have provided you with good gift ideas, or at least some inspiration.

Remember – even if your friend is a neurosurgeon, he/she also needs funny, heartwarming, and thoughtful presents – just like everyone else!

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