Ecuadorian Capuchin

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Animalia Primates Cebidae Cebus Cebus aequatorialis
Ecuadorian White-fronted Capuchin
IUCN Status: Critically-Endangered
  • Common Name: Ecuadorian White-fronted Capuchin
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 1914
  • Monkey Size: 35 to 51 cm (13 to 20 in)
  • Skin Color(s): Light cinnamon reddish
  • Habitat: Forests
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Native Countries: Ecuador, Peru

Ecuadorian White-fronted Capuchin Distribution

Ecuadorian Capuchin Characteristics

Ecuadorian Capuchin

The Ecuadorian capuchin[1], also known as the Ecuadorian white-fronted capuchin, is a species of a graceful capuchin monkey in the Cebidae family.

  • It has cream-colored whitish fur on the face, belly, and chest and light cinnamon-red fur on the body, head, neck, and outer limbs.
  • The nose is flat with large nostrils, and the eyes are forward-facing and large. Its tail is almost as long as its body.
  • It is prehensile but is used only for balance. Its tail is cloaked in fur and can only support an adult’s weight for a short time.
  • Their arms are nearly as long as their legs. Their feet and hands have 5 fingers with big toes and opposable thumbs.
  • As with most members of the capuchin family, these species are dexterous.

Ecuadorian Capuchin Facts

  • Ecuadorian capuchins live in multi-male and multi-female groups of 5-18 individuals, with nearly equal numbers of males and females.
  • Like all capuchin species, male Ecuadorian capuchins move from their natal group to a new group when they are fully grown.
  • The highest-ranking female dominates all group members except the highest-ranking male.
  • Aggressive vocalizations and displays are used when conflict arises between groups, particularly near feeding areas.
  • Grooming, which helps keep monkeys’ fur clean and free of parasites, is also a way to bond and relax. Still, dominant individuals groom much more than other group members.

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