Western Hoolock Gibbon

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Animalia Primates Hylobatidae Hoolock Hoolock hoolock
Western Hoolock Gibbon
IUCN Status: Endangered
  • Common Name: Western Hoolock Gibbon
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 1834
  • Monkey Size: 60 to 90 cm (23.62 to 35.43 in)
  • Skin Color(s): Black or dark brown
  • Habitat: Forest, rainforest, scrub forest
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Native Countries: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, China

Western Hoolock Gibbon Distribution

Western Hoolock Gibbon Characteristics

Western Hoolock Gibbon

The Western Hoolock gibbons[1] are three species of primates in the Hoolock genus of the gibbon family, Hylobatidae, endemic to Myanmar, eastern Bangladesh, northeastern India, and southwestern China.

Hoolock Hoolock

  • Hoolock gibbons are the second largest gibbon after the siamangs. They weigh between 6 and 8 kg.
  • Hoolock gibbons are characterized by longer hair, curved white eyebrow bands, and a slightly triangular head.
  • This species is bicolor: adult males are entirely black, while adult females are dark brown with black on the neck, chest, and face. In some subpopulations, males have more pronounced eyebrows than in others.
  • Males may also have a white foreskin tuft and may show white on the chin and cheeks. Some females have lighter fur on their hands and feet.
  • Hoolock gibbon is unique among gibbon species in having only 38 chromosomes compared to 44 for other members of its subgenus.

Western Hoolock Gibbon Facts

Western Hoolock Gibbon

  • Like other gibbons, Western Hoolock gibbons are diurnal and arboreal, gliding through trees with their long arms.
  • The pair, with its offspring (usually one or two), inhabit a stable and heavily defended territory.
  • Sometimes solitary adults, usually subadults recently expelled from their family group, establish solitary territories.
  • Their calls are used to locate family members and keep other gibbons out of their territory.
  • Unlike other gibbon species, male and female hoolock gibbon vocalizations are the same and relatively simple.

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