Animal Facts

Animal Languages

How Many Languages Do Animals Speak?

Is communication exclusive only to humans? If animals can speak, how many languages do they speak? Find out all the answers here.
Interesting Facts About Pandas

Top 31 Interesting Facts About Pandas

Pandas also named as big bear cat in Chinese, is one of the most amazing animals on the face of the earth. Here are the top 31 interesting facts about pandas.
Can Animals Have Down Syndrome?

Can Animals Have Down Syndrome?

Animals and humans can share a host of different diseases and illnesses. Although they may manifest and present differently in the two, animals too can acquire genetic disorders. Can animals have down syndrome? Explore the answers with various reports here.
Elephant Facts

Top 101 Elephant Facts For Kids

Elephants are the largest and heaviest animals on the planet earth. Here are top 101 elephant facts for kids categorized namely anatomy facts, family facts, diet facts, social life facts, 'sad-but-true' facts and some unusual fun facts.

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