Divisions of Biology: Phycology


    Phycology Moneran and Protistan Encyclopedia

    Encyclopedia resource provides articles on topics covered under Moneran and Protistan.

    Algological Department Komarov Botanical Institute RAS

    Structure of Algological Department Komarov Botanical Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, publications, scientific trends, information on Algological Section of Russian Botanical Society.Now mostly in russian!

    Early Cretaceous calcareous algae

    Catalog of the Early Cretaceous calcareous algae, dealing mostly with the Dasycladales and their representatives.

    University of Toronto Culture Collection of Algae and Cyanobacteria

    Welcome to the homepage of UTCC. As Canada’s national service collection of freshwater algae and cyanobacteria the collection provides research quality cultures and related services to educational institutions, government and commercial laboratories. It is housed in the University of Toronto in the Department of Botany which also provides support services.