Chacoan Titi Monkey

AnimaliaPrimatesPitheciidaePlecturocebusPlecturocebus pallescens
IUCN Status: Least-Concern
  • Common Name: Chacoan Titi Monkey
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 1907
  • Monkey Size: 30 to 45 cm (11 to 17 in)
  • Skin Color(s): White
  • Habitat: Forest, rainforest
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Native Countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay

Chacoan Titi Monkey Distribution

Chacoan Titi Characteristics

The white-haired titi[1] is a species of titi (also called White-coated Titi), a type of New World Monkey native to South America.

  • The white-haired tamarin’s body and tail are covered in soft, silky whitish pelage with black spots.
  • Their small, round ears barely protrude from the dense fur on each side of their head.
  • These South American primates’ faces are hairless and small, with hazel-brown eyes, thin lips, and flat noses.
  • The air sac in these Chacoan Titi monkeys’ larynx allows these primates to produce deafening calls.
  • Interestingly, their feet and hands have opposable toes and thumbs.

Chacoan Titi Facts

  • These diurnal monkeys are stealthy and hard to spot as they navigate the canopy. They move between branches and trees by walking or jumping on four limbs.
  • Family members, especially the bonded pair, spend much of their quiet hours grooming each other, strengthening their bond.
  • Males are actively involved in caring for their young. For example, they carry their offspring around (or the baby clings to the father’s back).
  • Individuals have been observed chewing leaves from flowering vines, trees, and shrubs, then rubbing their bodies with the chewed leaves. The meaning of this behavior is unknown; perhaps some of these plants have insect-repellent properties.
  • Studies show that some species of titi monkeys produce sequences of specific warning calls that vary in duration and frequency depending on the species and the location of predators. So it isn’t unreasonable to assume that white-coated titi monkeys do the same.

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Key References
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