Argentinian Monkeys

    Argentina Monkeys

    Argentina Monkeys: Argentina, officially called the Argentine Republic, is a South American country known for its beautiful landscape and diverse culture.

    Five different species spanning 3 genera of New World monkeys can be found in Argentina, though none of them are endemic to the country. These species are generally found in forested regions, mainly in provinces like Santa Fe, Chaco, and Formosa[1].

    One of Argentina’s most popular monkey species is the Colombian red howler, a New-world monkey often recognized for its distinctly red fur and loud vocalizations. Unfortunately, this species and a couple of others in Argentina face extinction due to excessive hunting, habitat loss, and outbreaks of yellow fever[2].

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    Argentinian Monkeys

    Here are the different breeds of monkeys living in Argentina.

    Azara’s Night Monkey

    Species Name: Aotus azarae
    Native Countries: Bolivia,Paraguay,Brazil,Peru,Argentina
    Azara's night monkeys, also known as southern night monkeys and Azara's owl monkeys, are native to the Gran Chaco region of South America, a vast area with many different ecosystems, from savannas to grasslands to dry spiny forests and gallery forests. Genetic testing has shown that the males of this species mated pairs are the fathers of the babies they care for.

    Black Capuchin

    Species Name: Sapajus nigritus
    Native Countries: Brazil,Argentina
    The black capuchin, also called the black-horned capuchin, is a capuchin monkey native to the Atlantic rainforest of southeastern Brazil and extreme northeastern Argentina. The black capuchin was originally called Cebus nigritus or Cebus apella nigritus. Although this has changed, many sources still name the black capuchin as part of the Cebus genus.

    Black Howler monkey

    Species Name: Alouatta caraya
    Native Countries: Bolivia,Brazil,Paraguay,Argentina
    Alouatta caraya is found in the tropical rain forests of central South America, extending through eastern Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil, and northern Argentina. Alouatta Caraya monkeys are sexually dimorphic, with males weighing an average of 6.7 kg and females an average of 4.4 kg.

    Brown Howler Monkey

    Species Name: Alouatta guariba
    Native Countries: Brazil,Argentina
    The brown howler monkey, also called the brown howler monkey, is a species of New World monkey that lives in the forests of southeastern Brazil and northeastern Argentina. Despite the common name "brown howler", its color is remarkably variable, with some individuals mainly appearing black or reddish-orange.

    Hooded Capuchin

    Species Name: Sapajus cay
    Native Countries: Paraguay,Bolivia,Argentina,Brazil
    The Azaras capuchin or hooded capuchin (Sapajus cay) is a robust capuchin species. It is found in northern Argentina, southeastern Bolivia, eastern Paraguay, and Brazil. Its habitat consists of humid, subtropical, semi-deciduous, gallery forests and forests in the Pantanales.

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