Rose Flowers

Loved by many, the rose (Rosa spp. ) is a popular garden flower. Its features, including its precious fragrance and shape, make it easy to recognize. Roses have been grown for millennia and have a long history that goes back thousands of years.

Red Roses

Although roses are primarily seen as a token of love, they come in various colors and species. In the Rosaceae family, Roses are perennial woody plants of the Rosa genus. There are over 300 species[1] and tens of thousands of varieties. They make up a group of plants that can be upright, climbing, or creeping, with stalks that are sometimes armed with sharp tips.

Yellow Roses

Its flowers vary in shape and size and are typically showy and prominent, in colors ranging from white to yellow to red.

Most species are endemic to Asia, with fewer species native to northwest Africa, North America, and Europe. Hybrids, cultivars, and species are widely cultivated for their beauty and are often fragrant.

As a result, roses have gained cultural importance in many societies. The roses vary in size, from compact miniature roses to climbing roses that can grow up to 7 meters tall.

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