Maiden Pink

Maiden Pink

With its natural beauty, the Maiden Pink (Dianthus deltoides) conquers heather and stone gardens. They belong to the Caryophyllaceae (Carnation) family and are widespread in Asia and Europe.

Maiden Pink Flowers

The genus ‘Dianthus‘ contains around 300 species[1] of flowering plants. The species name deltoids is a Greek word that means delta (Δ) and can refer to narrow triangular leaves. Common names include Meadow Pink and Lady’s Cushion.

Dianthus Deltoides

The delicate, hairy, and short stalks of the Maiden Pink branch at the base grow 4 to 16 in (10 to 40 centimeters). The stems of the plant are covered by narrow, grayish-green leaves.

Maiden Pink Flower

The linear leaves are around 0.8 to 1.2 in (2 to 3 centimeters) long and are arranged opposite on the stem. The Maiden Pink bears up to 4 short-stemmed flowers that appear from June to August.

Each radially symmetrical flower consists of 5 toothed petals approximately 1 centimeter long, magenta-red to pink in color.

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