Lace Fern

Lace Fern (<Asparagus us setaceus), commonly known as ferny asparagus, climbing asparagus, or asparagus grass, is a climber in the genus Asparagus.

Lace Fern

The asparagus genus comprises around 300 species[1]. Notwithstanding its common name, the plant isn’t a true fern, but it has leaves that look like one. It really belongs to the Liliaceae (lily) family.

It originates from southern Africa and is cultivated as an ornamental plant, indoor plant, or in containers and gardens. Lace Fern is a creeping perennial with tough green stalks and leaves that can grow several meters long.

The foliage is actually leaf-shaped cladodes up to 0.1 mm across and 7 mm in length, forming clusters from the stem.

Blooming from spring to fall, the small greenish-white bell flowers are 0.4 centimeters long. It grows quickly and is easy to care for.

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