How To Become A Geriatrician?

How to become a geriatrician?

A geriatrician is a medical specialist that deals specifically with elderly patients (older than 65 years) and their unique set of problems.

A geriatrician is responsible not only for treatment but also for the referral to other medical doctors, as well as supporting the healthy lifestyle for the patients.

How to become a Geriatrician?

In order to become a geriatrician, it is necessary to:

  • Complete the pre-med Bachelor program;
  • Pass the MCAT;
  • Obtain the medical degree;
  • Complete the residency program in internal medicine;
  • Get a medical license that is legal in all states;
  • Obtain board certification from:
    • American Board of Internal Medicine;
    • American Board of Family Medicine;
  • Join a fellowship in:
    • Geriatric medicine;
    • Geriatric psychiatry;
  • Pass the Geriatric Medicine Certification Examination;
  • The geriatricians deal with specific sorts of elderly diseases, such as:
    • Osteoporosis;
    • Dementia (Alzheimer’s);
    • Incontinence;
    • Cancer;
    • Diabetes;
    • Insomnia;
    • Heart failure;
    • Hearing loss;
    • Vision loss;
    • Balance issues.
  • Geriatricians also need to develop soft skills and be knowledgeable about lifestyle medicine.
  • Participate in additional training and continuing education in their field.
  • Be aware that the demand for more geriatricians is increasing.

How Much Do Geriatricians Make?

The average salary for a geriatrician in the United States is in the range between $166,739 and $198,046 in the US.

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