Stellaria longipes, a species of plant in the Caryophyllaceae family, are known by Goldie’s starwort and long stalk starwort.

Starwort Flowers

This flowering plant is found in the northern hemisphere’s northernmost latitudes. Starwort grows in many habitat types, including taiga, tundra, and other southern regions with alpine and subalpine climates.

Starwort Flowers

Its morphology is exceptionally variable; its shape depends on environmental conditions and genetic makeup. The Stellaria genus includes approximately 120 species[1] of perennial herbaceous plants.

Starwort With 2 Lobed Petals

Generally, it is a rhizomatousWhat is rhizomatous?Bearing rhizomes. Rhizome is an underground stem, with nodes and short to elongate internodes. plant that forms carpets and tufts or grows upright. The stems can be short and straightforward or comprehensive and highly branched.


The linear to lanceolate leaves are typically 1 to 4 centimeters long and arranged in pairs facing each other. The inflorescence has one or more flowers, each with a short stem. The flower has 5 pointed green sepals, up to a few millimeters long.

Stellaria Longipes

There are 5 white petals, each divided into 2 lobes, sometimes flat but often so deep that they appear to have two petals.

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