Spring Beauty

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Plantae Caryophyllales Montiaceae Claytonia Claytonia virginica
  • Plant Type: Perennial herb.
  • Common Names: Spring Beauty, Eastern Spring Beauty, Grass Flower, Fairy-Spud.
  • Colors: Pale pink, white, rarely yellow.
  • Flower Dimensions: 0.28-0.55 inches in diameter.
  • Flowering Season: Between March and May.

Claytonia virginica is a perennial herb under the order Caryophyllales. This species is a trailing plant that can grow to 2-16 inches.

Eastern Spring Beauty

  • Claytonia virginica grows from an underground tuber.
  • The slender stem of C. virginica is 4-12 inches.
  • The leaves of Claytonia virginica are slender-lanceolate. They are petiolate.
  • The flowers of the Spring Beauty are in the inflorescence of raceme. Each flower has five petals. The individual flower blooms for 3 days.
  • The C. virginica flowers are star-like. They are white to light pink with pink veins and anthers.
Where can Spring Beauty be mostly spotted?
Flower WatchingNorth America.

Interesting Facts about Spring Beauty

Fairy Spuds

  • Claytonia virginica has medicinal value. This plant has been used medicinally by the Iroquois for children suffering from convulsions.
  • The Iroquois also eat the raw roots of C. virginica because they believe this could prevent conception permanently.
  • The Native American colonists[1] used the tuber for food. It has a sweet, chestnut-like flavor.
  • The classification of the Claytonia virginica[2] began when John Clayton sent a collected and pressed specimen of Claytonia virginica to Johann Friedrich Gronovius in the Netherlands in 1735.
  • The genus Claytonia was named in honor of John Clayton. The genus name was given by Linneus. The species epithet virginica was for the then colony of Virginia.

Grass Flower

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