Restharrow (Ononis repens) is a perennial woody plant in the family Fabaceae. It is commonly known as Creeping Restharrow and Common Restharrow.


The plant is endemic to Europe, especially Ireland and the United Kingdom. The genus Ononis includes about 86 species[1] of flowering plants. It is a prostrate woody perennial plant (maximum height 60 cm) propagated by rhizomes.

Common Restharrow

Restharrow has hairy stalks and small, ovate leaves with serrated edges. The leaflets are less than three times as long as they are wide. Sometimes, it has soft and weak spikes, but never hard spikes like the related Ononis spinosa species.

Creeping Restharrow

The leaves are clad with glandular hairs that give off a resinous odor when bruised. The zygomorphicWhat is zygomorphic?A characteristic of the flower having only one plane of symmetry, as in a pea or snapdragon; bilaterally symmetrical; especially in reference to a flower or corolla; Opposite is Actinomorphic; irregular flower; flowers are pink and fragrance-free, 15-20 mm in size, and bloom from June through September.

Ononis Repens

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