Flowers Starting with Q

    Flowers Start with Q

    A home garden is an abode where you can create a space for relaxation with colorful and fragrant flowers. While it is easy to order flowers like roses, daffodils, and petunias, it is more satisfying to grow them yourself if you put time and effort.

    Flowers Starting with Q

    Explore these wonderful types of flowers starting with Q.

    Quaking Grass

    The quaking grass (Briza media) attracts attention in every garden with its dainty inflorescences. Also known as cowquake, quaking grass belongs to the Poaceae (grass) family. t is native to Europe, North America, and Asia Minor. There are between 22 and 31 species in the genus Briza.

    Queen Anne’s Lace

    Flower Type: Biennials
    Queen Anne's lace flower looks like lace, and the flower often has a single purple dot in the center. Daucus carota is a biennial herb that belongs to the Apiaceae (carrot) family and is native to Southwest Asia and Europe. The genus includes about 47 species.

    Queens Cup

    Flower Type: Perennials
    Queen's Cup (Clintonia uniflora) is a perennial plant of the liliaceae (lily) family native to western North America's mountainous regions. There are 5 species of Clintonia, 1 in Asia and 4 in North America.


    Quesnelia is a genus of flowering plants in the Bromeliaceae family, a subfamily of the Bromelioideae. The genus consists of about 20 species of plants that are native to southeastern and eastern Brazil. Quesnelia is a perfect landscaping bromeliad with its vibrant flower in various colors.


    Flower Type: Trees
    The quince (Cydonia oblonga) is the only member of the genus Cydonia in the Rosaceae family (including pears and apples). These Japanese trees have been cultivated by landscape architects for their showy pale pink flowers and other ornamental features.

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