Daffodils herald spring and the awakening of nature with their trumpet-shaped blooms. They are among the few plant species that can successfully grow in snow. Also known as jonquil and narcissus, Daffodil is a species of flowering plant that belongs to the family Amaryllis.

Daffodil Flowers

There are about 60 species of wild daffodils. The plant originates from the Mediterranean, West Asia, Europe, and North Africa.

Jonquil Flowers

Daffodils are perennials with a leafless stem with 1 to 20 flowers at the tip. Depending on the variety, it can reach a height of up to 20 inches. The bloom comprises a centrally placed trumpet-shaped crown surrounded by 6 petals, known as the perianth.

Narcissus Flower

Daffodils are typically golden in color. However, there are new varieties of daffodils in pink, green, orange, yellow, and white. Cut flowers make gorgeous arrangements both at home flowers and in the garden.

White Daffodil Flowers

Bell-Shaped Flowers

The bell-shaped flowers are trendy because they are known for their beauty, colors, and variations. Featuring green, blue, purple, white, pink, and many colors, these bell-resembling flowers are used for many purposes such as decoration, using it in weddings, making wreaths, and lovely gifts.

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