Queen's Cup

Queen’s Cup (Clintonia uniflora) is a perennial plant of the Liliaceae (Lily) family native to western North America’s mountainous regions. There are 5 species[1] of Clintonia, 1 in Asia and 4 in North America.

Queen's Cup

This eye-catching perennial wildflower spreads through underground rhizomes. The 2 or 3 leaves are oblong, elliptical, or basal and measure between 7 and 15 cm long and about 5 cm wide.

Clintonia Uniflora

The leaf blades are paler on the underside and hairy on the leaf surface, although some short cilia can be found on the edge. The scape usually consists of one flower, although two (2) are likely.

Queen's Cup Flowers

The scape is usually 7 to 11 cm tall. When viewed from above, the flowers are white and star-shaped. The six tepals (petals and sepals) have a similar shape and are up to 2 cm long.

Star-shaped Queen's Cup Flower

The flowering time of the queen cup is from May to July. Common names are Queencup and Bridal Bonnet.

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