Perennial Flax

Linum perenne, commonly known as perennial flax, is a short-lived shrub native to Europe that generally grows 1 to 2 feet tall. Perennial flax belongs to the Linaceae (flax) family, and its original range extended from Europe to western Asia.

Perennial Flax

Linum is a genus of around 200 species[1] of flowering plants. It blooms profusely for up to eight weeks in late spring. The sky-blue flowers open early in the sunny mornings, but the petals usually fall in the late afternoon.

Blue Perennial Flax Flowers

The slender, stiff stems with linear, narrow, short leaves (up to 1″ long) have many drooping flower buds. The fibrous stems appear delicate but extremely difficult to break and were once used to make rope and linen in Europe.

Linum Perenne

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White Perennial Flax Flowers

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