Mount Finke Grevillea

  • Plant Type: Dense spreading shrub.
  • Common Name: Mount Finke Grevillea, Mount Finke Spider Flower.
  • Color: Bright red-orange
  • Flower Dimensions: The flower heads are 1.97 inches in length.
  • Flowering Seasons/Months: Winter through spring.
  • Desert with Mount Finke Grevillea: Great Victoria Desert (Australia).

Mount Finke Grevillea Characteristics

Mount Finke Grevillea

Grevillea treueriana is a small shrub from order Proteales. The Mount Finke Grevillea plants are endemic to Mount Finke of Australia and can grow to a height of 2 meters.

  • The branches of Grevillea treueriana are spreading.
  • The leaves of the Grevillea treueriana measures 25-30 mm in length. The leaves have recurved margins and pungent points. The leaves are deep to mid-green. The leaves are spiny and divided into 6 or more leaflets.
  • The flowers of the Grevillea treueriana are shaped like a toothbrush. These flowers in bright red-orange hang downwards from the branches’ ends. The flower heads are composed of 30-60 individual florets.
  • The bright-laden nectar of the Mount Finke Grevillea flowers is an attraction for birds and bees.

Mount Finke Grevillea

Mount Finke Grevillea Facts

Mount Finke Grevillea

  • The scientific name of Mount Finke Grevillea, Grevillea treueriana[1], is derived from the names of Charles Francis Greville (co-founder of the Royal Horticultural Society) and A. de Treur (German Consul to Australia in the 19thcentury).
  • The Grevillea treuriana is at high risk of extinction. Therefore, it is listed as Endangered under the Environmental Protection and biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
  • The Grevillea treuriana is one of over 300 species of the genus Grevillea. The Grevillea symbolizes true love, kindness, and faith.
  • The plants of the Grevillea genus have ancestry older than dinosaurs. These plants existed on the supercontinent Gondwana.
  • Grevillea treueriana[3] is a rare species only known from Mt. Finke. However, despite being rare, it is cultivated as a garden plant in Canberra. This is because it was able to adapt to colder and wetter environments.

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