Misty Blue Limonium

As a member of the family Plumbaginaceae, Limonium has more than 120 species of flowering plants. The two (2) main groups[1] of this genus comprise hybrids of Limonium latifolium and Limonium sinuatum.

Misty Blue Limonium

Limonium sinuatum varieties have thicker stems and more prominent purple flowers, while Limonium latifolium varieties have thinner stems and smaller flowers.

Limonium Latifolium

Limonium has also developed from traditional “Caspia” varieties to a greater variety of single hybrid varieties, which are generally classified into the types Limonium sinensis types or Limonium latifolium types (e. g., “Misty” series).

Limonium Sinuatum

These popular commercial Limonium varieties include: ‘Misty Blue’, ‘Super Lady’, ‘Misty White’, ‘Maine Blue’, ‘Blue Stream’, ‘Tall Emilie’, and ‘White Diamond‘.

Misty Blue

Misty Blue Limonium is a variety of Latifolium with blue and white flowers. Its hairy, branched stems usually reach 12 to 18 inches tall and are topped with racemes of small, papery florets.

The flowers start in the middle of the bouquet and spread over the arched stems, creating a colorful and lush effect. In dried or fresh arrangements, Limonium is a perfect accent flower used by flower designers.

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