Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller (Jacobaea maritima) is a garden staple and will possibly never go outdated. With its lacy texture and showy silver leaves, this plant looks gorgeous during the growing season. Whether used as a backdrop for bright, bold blooms or as a centerpiece in a container, this gorgeous plant is tough and hardy.

Dusty Miller Flowers

It comes from the Mediterranean region and belongs to the family Asteraceae. Besides its common name, “Dusty Miller, ” the hairy shrub is also known as maritime ragwort, silver dust, or silver ragwort.

Dusty Miller Flowers

There are around 6 varieties of this plant[1], including White Diamond, Silver Filigree, Ramparts, Dusty Miller’ Silver Lace, Dusty Miller’ New Look, Dusty Miller’ Silverdust, and Dusty Miller’ Cirrus.

Jacobaea Maritima

Dusty Miller can reach a height of up to 3 feet. It features silvery-gray foliage, and the texture of the leaves is very pointed. The leaves are dotted with fine matted hairs that give the plant its silvery look.

Silver Filigree Flowers

When Dusty Miller is wet, the green color becomes more apparent and goes through the silver tint. The leaves are typically two to six inches in length and are arranged alternately with the stems. The flowers are yellow and reach full bloom in midsummer, the flowering time. Once the flowers are fully grown, they are very noticeable.

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