Little Larkspur

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Plantae Ranunculales Ranunculaceae Delphinium Delphinium bicolor
  • Plant Type: Perennial herb.
  • Common Names: Flathead Larkspur, Little Larkspur, Low Larkspur, Montane Larkspur.
  • Color: Deep Blue, Purple-Blue.
  • Flower Dimensions: The sepals are 0.79 in length. The spur is 0.39-0.79 inches.
  • Flowering Seasons/Months: Late spring or early summer (May to July).
  • Desert with Little Larkspur: Great Basin.

Delphinium Bicolor

Little Larkspur Flower Characteristics

Little Larkspur

Delphinium bicolor is a perennial plant of the buttercup (Ranunculaceae) family. The stems of the Little Larkspur have a height of 4-24 inches.

  • The stems of the Delphiniumum bicolor are solitary and green. They are reddish in the base.
  • Little Larkspur plants have only a few leaves. They are primarily basal. They are petiolate. The leaf blade is round.
  • The flowers of the Little Larkspur are in spikes of loose clusters. They are made of up to 15 blossoms.
  • Flowers of Little Larkspur have deep blue lower petals and light blue (with markings) upper petals.

Flathead Larkspur

Little Larkspur Facts

Little Larkspur

  • Little Larkspur[1] is highly poisonous to cattle and bison. The Goisiute considered the plant[2] poisonous. According to a study[3], larkspur poisoning in cattle is a serious problem.
  • Delphinium bicolor and Delphinium glareosum are closely related. However, D. bicolor differs because of the wider-lobed cauline leaves, petal clefts that are shallower, and narrower fruits.
  • The Little Larkspur plants can absorb toxic substances[4], like herbicides, pesticides, and pollutants.
  • The word Delphinium is from the Greek word “Delphos” which means dolphin. This description refers to the bud’s shape.
  • The plant is called Larkspur because the flowers have a distinctive spur at the back.

Low Larkspur

Montane Larkspur

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