Attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden with Gaura’s long stems made of delicate flowers. Use this hardy native perennial as a model plant among small herbs and larger perennials, or create an impressive display by planting in large containers.

Gaura Flowers

The Gaura plant is a stunning shrub native to Texas and Mexico. It’s a genus of about 20 species[1] that belongs to the Onagraceae family (primrose).

Bee Blossom

In addition to its botanical name Gaura lindheimeri, it is also referred to as white Gaura, bee-blossom, and apple-blossom grass.

Gaura Flowers

It is a perennial herb that grows to around 15 to 48 inches in height. The flowers are pink, white, or a mixture of the two colors.

Gaura Lindheimeri

The flowers bloom from early summer to mid-autumn. They grow on stiff stems that can reach 3 to 4 feet tall, and each flower features 4 petals growing upward.

White Gaura Flowers

The foliage of the Gaura plant has a woody taproot and is lanceolate, slightly wavy, and narrow. Garnet spots can sometimes be seen in the foliage of this plant. The color of the foliage can vary from burgundy to dark green.

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