Edulis Tulip

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Plantae Liliales Liliaceae Amana Amana edulis
  • Plant Type: bud-forming perennial.
  • Common Name: Edulis tulip.
  • Color: White with a purplish-red streak.
  • Flower Dimensions: The tepals are 1.19 inches by 0.16-0.276 inches.
  • Flowering Season: Spring (March to April).
  • Places in Japan with Edulis Tulip: It grows on open hillsides, moist places in meadows, lowlands, and near rivers.

Edulis Tulip

Amana edulis (formerly Tulipa edulis) is a bulb-forming perennial with a flower that resembles a tulip. The Amana edulis plant is about 15 cm. It is native to Japan.

Interesting Facts about Edulis Tulip

  • Amana edulis flower can be eaten and is said to affect vigor[1]. It is also used to treat dysuria[2].
  • The inner portion of the bulb is medicinal[3]. It is usually consumed as an antidote, depurative, expectorant, febrifuge, and laxative.
  • The plant has many anti-cancer properties[4]. For example, a study[5] demonstrated that the extraction of the A. edulis induces liver cancer apoptosis.
  • The increasing demands of A. edulis[6] lead to its shortage in the wild. Research stated[7] that the overexploitation of the species resulted in its decline in natural resources.
  • The generic name “edulis[8] is a Latin word that means “edible“. Both roots and leaves of Edulis Tulip are edible. The bulb can also be a source of starch.
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