Camellia Flower

While many flowering shrubs peak in Summer, the Camellia flower is unique because it mainly blooms in early spring and late winter. Camellias, named after Georg Joseph Kamel, are beautiful flowers from the Theaceae family.

Camellia Flower

The flower is a small tree or an evergreen shrub. It features large petals and is hardly scented, making it an excellent gift for allergy sufferers. Camellias originally came from Japan and China.

Pink Camellia Flower

These beautiful flowers made their way to Europe in the mid-18th century and then to North America before the turn of the century.

Pink Camellia Flower

There are nearly 300 species[1] of Camellia, the color of which includes white, pink, and red. Camellia is best known for its two-leaf (multi-leaf) cultivars. In their wild form, 5 to 7 petals cluster a mass of stamens, with the sepals falling off when the petals are opened.

The tree typically has glossy green, oval leaves around 10 cm long and about 9 meters high. The foliage is waxy and usually easy to care for, while the large, multi-petaled flowers are highly scented.

These beautiful flowers will brighten your day regardless of color, not just because of their beauty but also because of their meaning.

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