Beach Rose

PlantaeRosalesRosaceaeRosaRosa rugosa
  • Plant Type: Deciduous shrub.
  • Common Names: Rugosa Rose, beach rose, Japanese rose, Ramanas rose, letchberry, wild rose.
  • Color: Red, pink, lavender, white.
  • Flower size: 2.4- 3.5 inches across.
  • Flowering Season: Summer
  • Places in Japan with Beach Rose: Northern Japan, including Hokkaido and Honshu in the South.

Beach Rose

The beach rose is a deciduous Japanese shrub with a multi-stem. It is native to Japan and is widely used as an ornamental plant.

Beach Rose Flower

  • The leaves of the beach rose are alternate with leaflets (5-9). The leaflets measure 0.8 to 2 inches in length and 0.6 to 1.2 inches in width. The leaflets are elliptical with a rounded base.
  • Beach rose has erect to arching stems with a height of up to 5 ft.
  • The fragrant flowers of the Rosa rugosa are usually solitary. The flowers have 5 petals in varying colors. The flowers can be single or double.
  • The beautiful beach rose is pollinated by insects and birds.

Beach Rose Flowers

Interesting Facts about Beach Rose

Rosa Rugosa

  • Rosa rugosa is a strong symbol of Love and adoration.
  • Rosa rugosa is associated with the Greek goddess of beauty and love in ancient mythology, Aphrodite. Goddess Aphrodite is often portrayed as having a rose crown on her head.
  • The term “sub rosa” is from the Roman era. In this tradition, wild roses are hung above meeting places and tables. Anything said “under the rose” must be kept a secret.
  • Rosa rugosa[1] help in stabilizing the beaches and dunes.
  • In Renaissance period art, the rose having 8 petals signifies rebirth and renewal. The seven-petaled rose means inclusion, universal understanding, and order.

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