Marca's Marmoset

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Animalia Primates Callitrichidae Mico Mico marcai
IUCN Status: Vulnerable
  • Common Name: Marca’s Marmoset
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 1993
  • Monkey Size: 23 to 23 cm (9 to 9 inches)
  • Skin Color(s): light gray
  • Habitat: Forest, rainforest
  • Diet: Herbivorous
  • Native Countries: Brazil

Marca’s Marmoset Distribution

Marca Marmoset Characteristics

The Marca marmoset[1] (Mico marcai) is a native endemic to the Amazon in the Aripuanã-Manicoré interfluvium of Brazil.

  • Its body is light gray, with orange legs, a black tail, a pink face, and bare ears.
  • It is about 23 cm long, not including the tail, and has a tail 15 inches (38 cm) long.
  • It weighs about 12 ounces (340 g).

Marca Marmoset Facts

  • Marca marmosets are arboreal and diurnal. They prefer to spend most of their time high up in the trees of the upper canopy of the rainforest.
  • They live in groups of 4 to 15 individuals. These groups are led by a dominant male and female.
  • The dominance hierarchy is determined by age rather than gender, strength, or family relationships.
  • Marca marmosets that submit to a dominant individual show this by baring their teeth and laying their ears flat.
  • Marca marmosets make regular chirps to stay in contact with their group while feeding.

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Key References
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