Frugivorous Monkeys

    Frugivorous monkeys

    Frugivore monkeys thrive mostly on raw fruits or succulent fruit-like produce of plants such as roots, shoots, nuts and seeds. About 7 monkey species and 1 ape within the primate order consume fruit as their primary diet. Frugivores are highly reliant on the abundance and nutritional composition of fruits.

    Frugivorous Monkeys

    Agile Gibbon

    Species Name: Hylobates agilis
    Diet: Herbivorous (Frugivorous)
    Agile gibbons, also known as dark-handed or black-handed gibbons, are arboreal monkeys; they are always in the trees. Agile gibbons belong to the great ape family. However, they are categorized as lesser apes because they are smaller than great apes.
    Andean Night Monkey

    Andean Night Monkey

    Species Name: Aotus miconax
    Diet: Frugivorous
    Andean night monkeys are a genus Aotus, commonly known as nocturnal monkeys or the Peruvian night monkey. Species in this genus are the only truly nocturnal monkeys in the world. Andean night monkeys are not sexually dimorphic as males and females look very similar.

    Ashy Black Titi

    Species Name: Plecturocebus cinerascens
    Diet: Frugivorous
    The Ashy black titi is a species initially described in 1823 as Callicebus cinerascens. Ashy black titi monkeys live in small families comprising a monogamous pair and their young. Adult males tend to carry their infants unless the mother is nursing.

    Atlantic Titi

    Species Name: Callicebus personatus
    Diet: Herbivorous (Frugivorous)
    The Atlantic titi, also known as the masked titi, inhabits the rainforests of the Atlantic coast of Brazil east of the Andes in the states of Bahia, Espírito Santo, northwest of Minas Gerais, north of Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. This species, found nowhere else in the world, inhabit the tropical forests of Brazil's Atlantic coast east of the Andes.

    Azara’s Night Monkey

    Species Name: Aotus azarae
    Diet: Frugivorous
    Azara's night monkeys, also known as southern night monkeys and Azara's owl monkeys, are native to the Gran Chaco region of South America, a vast area with many different ecosystems, from savannas to grasslands to dry spiny forests and gallery forests. Genetic testing has shown that the males of this species mated pairs are the fathers of the babies they care for.

    Bald Uakari

    Species Name: Cacajao calvus
    Diet: Herbivorous (Frugivorous)
    The bald uakari is an Amazon primate with special traits: it has a glossy red bald face, a short tail, and reddish fur. This monkey is highly specialized and is mainly found in palm habitats. The conspicuous crimson color is caused by blood flow under the skin, specifically a thinner epidermis with a higher concentration of capillaries on the face.

    Banded Langur

    Species Name: Presbytis femoralis
    Diet: Frugivorous
    The Banded langur, also known as the Raffles' banded langur or banded leaf monkey, is a primate species in the Cercopithecidae family. Like other Colobin monkeys, whose young typically have lighter-colored fur than adults, Banded langur infants have white or tan fur until it darkens around 6 months.

    Robinson’s Banded Langur

    Species Name: Presbytis robinsoni
    Diet: Frugivorous
    Robinson's banded langur (Presbytis robinsoni), also known as Robinson's banded surili, is a monkey species in the Cercopithecidae family. Robinson Banded Langurs are generally shy and alert creatures, rarely leaving the comfort of the canopy.


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