Waling Waling

  • Plant Type: Epiphytic orchid.
  • Common Names: Waling-Waling, Sander’s Vanda.
  • Color: Pink, purple, blue-violet, chocolate.
  • Flower Dimensions: 3.5-4.5 inches in width.
  • Flowering Season: Once a year; between July and October.

Vanda Sanderiana

Vanda sanderiana is an endemic orchid growing wild only in the rainforests of the Philippines. However, it is now grown and cultivated all over the world. This plant belongs under the order Asparagales.

Waling Waling F

  • The Waling-Waling orchid can grow up to 44 inches.
  • The leaves of the Waling-Waling are evergreen, leathery, strap-shaped, curved, and closely arranged. The leaf measures 30-40 cm in length.
  • The Waling-Waling flowers are large, long-lasting, and fragrant. There are usually 4-10 flowers in an erect or ascending inflorescence.
  • The flowers are round-shaped, and the sepals and petals overlap.
  • The dorsal sepals and petals are broadly-elliptic.
Where can Waling-Waling be mostly spotted?
Flower WatchingAsia

Interesting Facts about Waling-Waling

Waling Waling Flowers

  • The Waling-Waling orchid[1] was discovered in 1882. The orchid is worshipped by the Bagobo (native) as diwata (fairy).
  • The Waling-Waling is considered the queen of all orchids in the Philippines. The Vanda sandariana, also known as the Waling-Waling, reigns supreme as the rarest, most exquisite, and highly-priced orchid species amidst the countless varieties found in the Philippines.
  • The Vanda sandariana is one of the largest species of orchids worldwide. It is considered rare in nature.
  • The discovery of the wildflower Waling-Waling has encouraged the cultivation of attractive and colorful orchid hybrids. This, in turn, resulted in the multibillion-dollar orchid and cut flower industry worldwide.
  • An article[2] cited that the roots of the Waling-waling showed antimicrobial properties. It inhibits the growth of S. aureus.

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